Your LOVECAST™: Heal Emotional Issues

Monday’s New Moon in sensitive Cancer heightens emotional intensity for the week because of opposition from penetrating Pluto. It’s time to heal emotional issues. Passion heats up mid-week. During the weekend, Saturday is earthy and practical, but relationship complications arise on Sunday. Best day for love: Wednesday.

Week of June 22 – 28, 2009

Cancer: The New Moon in your sign transforms your personal aspirations so you can move forward with increased confidence and purpose. What do you need to eliminate in order to grow? Your sexy side takes over mid-week, when getting creative in the boudoir makes passion percolate! Talk is serious on Saturday. A clash of wills is likely on Sunday.

Leo: This week’s New Moon prompts an analysis of the past. This can bring a fresh perspective that leads you to blaze a new trail later on in the summer. Your powers of attraction are irresistible on Wednesday! The mood is steamy but contentious on Thursday, and love is about the details on Saturday. Flirting heats up romance on Sunday, if you avoid pushiness.

Virgo: Socializing accelerates because of this week’s New Moon, but you’ll need to be picky about your companions. A community project can bring a personal or professional opportunity as well. Get daring to rev the romance up mid-week. Your sensuality is especially bewitching on Thursday! Saturday feels heavy, and Sunday is all about expressing your heart.

Libra: This week’s New Moon can rattle your equilibrium in the romance or family arena. A burst of honesty after some soul-searching can clear the air. Friends and other group gatherings inspire romance mid-week. Your creativity will heighten passion on Thursday. Romance starts out slow on Saturday, but improves during the evening. You’re hot on Sunday!

Scorpio: An intense interaction with your sweetie during this week’s New Moon can prompt a discussion about the future of your relationship. Strive to see all points of view. Partnership energy accelerates mid-week, but cooperation will be a challenge, especially on Thursday. Friends bring insights on Saturday. A serene environment inspires love on Sunday.

Sagittarius: This week’s New Moon can bring up sexual issues or desires that need to be resolved or explored. Seek a deeper emotional connection. Romance may come from afar or during a cultural activity mid-week. Talking about your spirituality and vision for the future will inspire love, too. You’re feeling grounded on Saturday. Socializing intensifies on Sunday.

Capricorn: A fresh start in a partnership is likely during the New Moon this week, but you may need to work through some stumbling blocks first. Explore ways to cooperate and compromise with each other. Intimacy skyrockets mid-week, especially on Thursday. Doubts about the future of romance appear on Saturday, but love prevails on Sunday!

Aquarius: The New Moon this week can lead to romance through a work project or activity that benefits others. Flirting at the gym can bring results, too! The chances for a romantic encounter elevate mid-week, although a conflict is likely to arise on Thursday. Love needs analysis on Saturday, and exotic surroundings inspire intimacy on Sunday.

Pisces: Romance soars during this week’s New Moon, but you’ll need to eliminate blocks to expressing what’s in your heart. You’ll be especially creative, too. Your artistry draws admirers mid-week. Lending a helping hand will inspire love, too. A partnership issue may arise this weekend. Stay strong, be grounded, and believe in yourself.

Aries: A troublesome family member or emotional issue may arise because of this week’s New Moon. You may also get the urge to move or remodel your home. Your creativity makes passion sizzle mid-week! Your sensual side takes over on Saturday night, but jealousy or a power play can derail romance on Sunday.

Taurus: This week’s New Moon transforms and empowers your way of communicating (and flirting!), so you can express yourself more effectively. A party for friends (or just for two) brings delight mid-week. Passion skyrockets on Thursday, if you avoid willfulness. A serious talk about the future may arise on Saturday. Helpfulness inspires love on Sunday.

Gemini: The New Moon this week may prompt a clash of wills with your partner over money. It will also bring a moneymaking opportunity, so keep your eyes open. Flirting takes flight mid-week! A trip can attract romance as well. A family matter is on your mind on Saturday. Romance is hot but complicated on Sunday.

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