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On my 35th birthday, I was at a breaking point: I wanted a relationship, and I needed my career to blossom. After a year of financial struggle, and numerous dates I was saddled with a feeling that no matter what I did, the things I wanted were just not coming my way any time soon. So I gave myself a long, thorough reading with Michael.

Things happened fast
The first reading turned me 180 degrees out of negative fear and into a deep confidence I had admired in others but had yet to display myself. After learning from Michael that I would have children, a husband, a home, and an abundant career that used my creative gifts, I was launched into four months of bliss. One thing followed the other. Michael told me that my play would be a success, and it later had a reading in New York with a company that is continuing to develop it for production on both coasts. When I talked to Michael I hadn’t even finished it!

Michael told me that my money challenges would be met soon, and I wouldn’t be thinking about money as much by the end of that year. Could those years as a “struggling artist” – and the bank account to prove it – really be over? As I was pondering this, my old boss got promoted and without my knowledge fought to secure my new salary as her replacement. I returned from New York to a 30-percent raise, and I was one giant step further ahead in my career.

And then came fear
Wham! The force I had not been prepared for hit like a stone: Fear. Huge, terrible, hurt-your-stomach fear. If these things were happening, would I actually be in a gulp – relationship – soon? Michael had told me that someone with the name Steve would come into my life in May, and we would have a discussion about, of all things, chopsticks. Chopsticks?

I went into panic. Was I ready? Did I really want what I thought I wanted?

And then, Steve showed up – three times. A new woman at work set me up with her friend, Steve. Within a day he emailed and asked me to dinner… and asked if I wanted to eat with chopsticks or a fork. My heart raced. It had to be him, right? The next weekend, I meet a Steve on the dance floor. We danced to the song “Turning Japanese.” Does that count? Then at work a new man came into the office. His name was… Steve. I passed him chopsticks at lunch. I was so confused!

A call for reassurance
I decided the one person I could really talk to about this was Michael. I needed reassurance. I needed connection. I needed to know that leaving behind my old life of struggle and stepping into this new magical time was what was really happening, and it wasn’t all going to stop. I was deep in the fear of…success.

So I placed the call. Michael knew who I was right away, and he could sense that what he had warned me of in the first reading was coming to pass. He told me that I had to walk into my fear, or I would miss all the best moments of my life. He told me that nothing bad was going to happen. And right there, I relaxed. I was the one not letting the relief in – and I could change that! This really was my life, and it was turning out better than I could ever have imagined.

A return to bliss
The first thing that Michael said was that Steve would be back in my life in a week or so, and he would explain what had kept him. It would be the “Steve” who had emailed me for dinner and mentioned chopsticks. I was relieved, deeply. I had hoped he was the one. What about these confused feelings? Michael explained that I was completely unfamiliar with a life with no internal negative voice cutting down my efforts. This was why things didn’t feel the way I thought they would.

The negative voice that had left after the first reading was gone, and had been replaced by open space. Like a new butterfly, I didn’t yet know how to fly, but I was free, and I would soon be taking flight. Suddenly, I achieved that same bliss, and I asked Michael how to keep that good feeling. He told me I had to choose to be there, and that nothing magical would put me there – only my choice.

A great feeling came to me. I was not a victim of my success. I was the owner of my success! Michael saw that. Now I did, too.

Two weeks later, Steve emailed me. He had been on a deadline at work, but hoped we could see each other again. I smiled to myself. It was just as Michael had predicted, and it was just what I wanted. Calling him a second time had put me right back into alignment, ready to receive all that I was meant to. Thank you, Michael!

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