A Hurricane and the Tower Card

A few days ago, I woke up from a dream where I watched from the doorway (with my father and a friend of his) a power transformer that started to burn, then it exploded, and went zooming off to the right. I awakened to the sound of my own startled voice. The imagery was very evocative of The Tower, the bad guy of the Tarot deck.

I mean, just look at it. Do you need to be psychic to feel it isn’t good?


The Tower indicates that drastic change is about to take place. Perhaps your whole life is about to come undone and can break down. Anything that you consider permanent in your life is at risk. It doesn’t matter how solid the foundation is. When The Tower comes up, everything is susceptible.

The card is basically telling you that what is in the past is in the past and you need to move on. There is no point in sifting through the rubble and trying to salvage things. It presents the opportunity to start anew, so take it. It’s not a hint. Nothing subtle here, folks. If you try to hold on to what is lost, you’ll be living in a world that no longer exists.

It also has the redemption of transformation. All the illusions of what is important to you fade away. The smoke and mirrors falling away reveal what is really important. You see things how they really are.

I had seen some rumblings about Hurricane Bill a few days ago, but after the dream, I expected we would take a direct hit. I still think so. It’s supposed to hit here Sunday. Even if it doesn’t make landfall, it is 185 kilometers from eye to end, with hurricane force winds throughout.

I remember vividly when Hurricane Juan made landfall here in 2003. I’ll never forget the horrible howling of its winds. Sleep was impossible. I learned a few things about preparation for a hurricane. Mostly because nobody was prepared. Including me.

Now for the joy of cooking all of my frozen meat. In this killer heat wave that is acting like fertilizer for the hurricane. I’m so excited. Did I mention I’m a heat chicken? Why yes, yes I am. Nobody here has A/C unless they’re crazy rich because we so seldom need it. At least I learned that having cooked, thawed meat to gnaw on when you have no electricity is better than looking helplessly at your thawing raw meat and having no way to cook it. Yes, I will be getting an extra propane tank, but my BBQ is small. I’m kind of afraid to use it.

Okay, now. Breathe.

Probably that is the best advice to get through The Tower. Prepare, if you can. And breathe.

5 thoughts on “A Hurricane and the Tower Card

  1. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Excellent article about the Tower card. I agree that oftentimes we need not see it as a complete negative-the positive is that all of the illusions fall away from our eyes and we are ready to move forward into new possibilities for our lives.
    I trust “Bill” has moved past you with no bad effects. I remember a “Hurriciane A Week” year we had here about 5 years ago. Nerve wracking!
    Amor, the “how” of your changes will be revealed to you step by step. How wonderfully free you are now to make new choices.

  2. NYHolly

    Hello Cherilyn – I too love to read each psychics experiences and definitions of each tarot card. I have read with Dave several times over the past 3 years and the Tower has come up in many, many readings – more than any other card. I did some research on this card myself and thought that with a major arcana card like that, something swift and somewhat terrifying would come up very fast and unexpected. Yet, in the past 3 years, nothing has really happened that totally indicated change or movement. Things have pretty much been status quo. Does this mean I haven’t done the necessary things to initiate a change in my life? Dave says no…there’s really nothing I should be doing other than what I am – living my life and making the best of every day and my situation. I would just like you to clarify the timing on a card like this. Thanks so much and so glad you braved the storm. I too have a father who has been ill for the past year (a huge part of why I stay in my marriage). My blessings to you for safety from all storms and to your dad. Thank you – Holly

  3. Psychic Yemaya #5143

    Wonderful series Nunu! I love your discussions around the interpretations of the cards, it opens up new possibilities, new ways of looking at combinations. No matter how long we have been reading, there are new aspects to learn. Confucious said, “He who knows it all, has nothing to learn”, so I am always hungry to learn more, so that I can better serve our clients and I thank you for this opportunity to do so in such an entertaining factor!
    I know that traditionally this card is supposed to be a “bad boy” in the deck, and it was for me, for so many years a sign that said, “UH OH something’s coming that’s gonna shake up your world”, and yet over the last 8-10 years it’s truley become a “blessing” card at times, a light at the end of the tunnel, the end of an addiction, an unhealthy relationship,etc,etc, as you said above, the “… need to move on”.
    Now when I see this card it sometimes suggests that the “true” light of one’s life is trapped within the limits of their present life. I usually suggest that their spiritual light escaping from inside the tower is their potential seeking more room to grow. I tend to put a positive spin on the cards, or at least in the advice on how to deal with one’s life when this card shows up. I know we all read a little differently and I guess that’s the nurturer in me…honest, yet soft whenever I can be. However when this card shows up with, Death, Justice, or Judgement, I tend to become a siren of warning as well! Thanks again Nunu!

  4. amor

    Hi Nunnu, wonderful description about the tower card. I had a reading with Ciarra, for some months ago and the tower card was showed about my life, together with the Hang man card… That was “the combination”! lol .I was told to move forward in my life, that there was a holding pattern in me….” Well I was holding on the hope that “ M” will come back as I ´ve been told many times.
    The interesting thing about this is the fact, that it wasn´t only “M” I was holding on… All my choices on the last 5 months were made in hope that he would come back. Because I wasn´t ready to let go to all we had…. So actually I think that the Tower card and the Hang man were not only about “M” but about my choices and the fact that I was stuck and still am I… Everything is falling into place know and I´m getting to understand, what is exactly what I have to change,…now I just need to find out how!!!!
    What is the difference in between the Queen of hearts and the Queen of sword . I´ve been told that this last one is a female magician..


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