A Ghostly Visitor

It was a late fall afternoon when I received a distressed phone call at my office from my oldest son Levi. It was already dark outside and he was begging, “When are you coming home Mom?!”

He was 12 at the time. I said what is wrong with you? He told me there was something in the house. I asked what was going on? “Every time I turn the TV on it shuts off, the lights are going on and off and both of the cats are hissing and snarling at something.”

One of my Siamese cats, Zambucca, was worse than any dog. Every person that came through the door got a once over, and if he started talking to you it was ok. If he did not like you, your stay would not be enjoyable — he was very vocal with the hissing and body language. So Levi witnessing both of the cats behavior and the things happening scared him half to death. I said, “As soon as I pick up your brother from day care I’ll be home.”

That night it was like being terrorized by Dennis the Menace of the spirit realm. Lights off and on, TV off and on, upset cats, kids, cabinets and closet doors opened and left open. My youngest son Sean woke up in the middle of the night screaming at the top of his lungs that there was a man in the bedroom. So now I had 2 boys in bed with me. By the way, that was the first spirit Sean saw. So when we got up in the morning, I started asking Levi what he and his friend Eddie had been doing the last few days after school. You know what happened next. Eddie had brought over his Ouija board and they were playing around asking “is anybody there?” Good lord they attracted a mischievous spirit!

I called my spiritual mentor who specializes in exorcisms and hauntings and asked her to please come over that evening to help us get our visitor out. That evening Brenda showed up armed with holy water and a rosary. Then we walked through the house going from room to room, all of us following behind her, as she chanted in Spanish and English.

After the spirit left, we all sat down and had a discussion that there is a reason that our house did not come equipped with a Ouija board and that the boys stay away from it. Eddie was told no Ouija in our house. The boys still bring that up from time to time. It was their first scary thing that happened and how else could it be explained. They want nothing to do with that Ouija even though they kid around about it. My teacher, mentor and best friend laughed like crazy over this yesterday when we had coffee talk as I told her I would be writing the story for our readers.

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  1. balancedesires

    I loved the music also! I use to be an 80’s head-banger!! LOL! Oh geeze & my hair was so huge!!! There were so many diverse groups out there then too! You had punk like the Ramones & Iggy Pop, then ya had the glam bands like Poison & Motley Crue to new wave like Pet Shop Boys & the Police. I was a huge Motley fan back then!

  2. marialaloca77Maria

    I too agree with this coinsidential posting and much appreciate it’s timing because it just brings closure to what is real but i see there has to be something more. No more playing games but playing the game to win. Before I die. I will get my point across to serve the phychologicaly distored and mentor even the big boys a two way street to Getting the Job done right the first time. Without a punch line.

  3. blueyedervish

    Twice I’ve been involved in Ouija,and both times have felt dark forces at work .That is one tool I can live without.It is beyond my abilities to deal with.

  4. Char

    How strange that this article should come up now. I also had a scary experience with the Ouija many years ago — and will not touch one again. However, I found out about Angel Boards from Psychic Jacqueline. I found one on-line, and with her advice about how to make the surroundings safe in attracting positive and good spirits, I have used it twice. I always say a prayer beforehand. I have found the communication fascinating.

  5. Joni

    the same thing happened to my mom when she was a kid.spooky..i was never allowed to touch a ouija,never wanted to after hearing her story!

  6. balancedesires

    I wonder which artifacts they had…..certainly not the Axe I hope?! Eewwwww!!! The castle sounds like a lot of fun & I am sure you will get there! Have you seen the move Transylvania 6500? It has Jeff Goldblum & Ed Bagley Jr? I loved that movie, just too silly!!! I came out in the late 80’s I believe. Love Young Frankenstein too! 🙂

  7. Abigail Ext 9570

    Spooky Lizzy Borden….eeeks There use to be a restaurant in Agusta Maine that had all her stuff hanging on the walls the menu was quite interesting too… It was a steak house. 40 wacks good lord. I want to go to the Transylvainya Mansion. I was suppose to do that trip when I lived in Europe but I had to cancel it. Some day I will. It’s a weekend Halloween Event and you stay in the haunted castle. They put on the most outrageous costume party and scare the crap out of you with all the Lores.
    Many Blessings

  8. balancedesires

    Ahhh, my honey & I keep wanting to go to Salem but of course he wants to go during October when EVERYONE is there & it gets overpriced! I have only visited there when I was a teenager & was not interested in it much. Oh, My honey also wants to stay at the Lizzie Borden house, NO WAY!!! Just the pictures they have in the museum of what the bodies looked like is enough to see on TV. It’s overpriced too…..what a shame. Winter to now is really the time to do those things because business is slow. Now that I am older I cherish all of New England for all of it’s charming areas, Salem is no exception. My mom & I love going to Historic Deerfield, not far from Springfield. Lovely homes that they kept the same. I would love to visit Old Sturbridge at some point as well. My mom & I are similar energies, she is my very best friend. Hugs!

  9. Abigail Ext 9570

    That is so fun about you and your sister what a way to engage and exercise the mind power. I can move crystals with my mind and sometimes they just blow off of me. Kind of a strange thing for some. One of these days we will have a real converstaion and I know I will enjoy it immensely. I sent Jen a picture of the real cat Zambucca and she was amazed at his size and what he looked like. I miss those 2 they use to walk around the park with me with the youngest in a stroller off of a leach the neighbors would laugh and the local German Shepard learned to leave those two alone Hehehe.
    Many Blessings

  10. The Lovely Duckling

    Hi, Abigail!
    It already feels like there are some lower energies floating around where I live. I definitely don’t want to open the doorway to more…it is scary!
    Movies have the tendency to overdramatize things, but when I was younger I saw a movie about Ouija gone bad. That was enough to keep me away from them. 😉
    When I want to talk to the higher energies around me, I’ll call CP!
    Duckie 🙂

  11. balancedesires

    Hi Abigail!
    Great story & I have been to many a haunted building growing up, no Ouija needed. An old farmhouse in New Hampshire we visited my mom’s friend. My sister & I dreaded going there because of the ghost of a woman haunted there. She wept & opened & closed the cupboards. The cupboards had the old latches on them so you could hear them. Oooh, shivers just thinking about it. She was a sad & curious one though. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  12. Abigail Ext 9570

    As long as you say a prayer and do a protection before using one you are ok it’s those who don’t know how to and the lower energies get called in to play with you …..in scary ways
    Many Blessings

  13. Abigail Ext 9570

    Oh it certainly does I have no doubt about that one ha! My friend the ghost lady keeps asking me to go on a ghost hunt with her we are thinking about the place in Canada its famous and of course I’m having a daaaa moment LOL
    Many Blessings

  14. The Lovely Duckling

    What a great story, Abigail. Well, it wouldn’t have been great at the time! I’m sure the retelling of it is the best part. 😉 That would have kept me up at night for a long time after it was over!!!
    It reminds me of my great grandmother who used to constantly use a ouija board…by herself, nonetheless! She never talked about who she talked to, but now I’m guessing she was probably trying to talk to my great grandfather who had died long before she did. She lived well into her 90s and suffered from dementia toward the end. Part of me wonders, though, if all of her ramblings were entirely due to the disease. It seemed like she was in another world, one which none of the rest of us could see.
    I remember one time she was using it and she said that my brother and I both put our hand on it. I was really young at the time so I didn’t understand what it was, but I remember distinctly that I didn’t like the way it felt. My brother was braver than I was and kept his hand on it for longer, but finally had to let go too. It wasn’t long after that that the pointer shot out from under her hand and several feet away from the table. I touched a ouija board only once after that, though many years later and one made hastily on paper. It still made me feel strange, so I have not touched one since.
    That board is still around somewhere, although I don’t know where and I don’t want it in my house. They are just too scary and dangerous for me. There are already enough strange presences in my house to suit me…

  15. Fran

    Oooh, Abigail….you gave me goosebumps with this one! Reminds me of the time I was home alone one afternoon sitting at the dining room table, and one of the chairs just quickly and suddenly moved away from the table! I’m a big chicken, and it scared the heck out of me! LOL!
    Good idea about banning the Ouija from your house. I told my kids they are never to use one, and especially at our home!
    Big Hugs,


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