8 Steps to be More Psychic

Many of my clients are extremely intuitive and we sometimes support each other’s ‘tuning in.’ To have a clear view of their psychic abilities and to hone in on their psychic skills, I found these steps to enhance their experiences:

1. Learn to heal yourself through forgiveness and acceptance of all that is not in your best interest — embrace happiness.

2. Heal your self-image and accept your higher self. You have an innate ability to be more than you are, so believe in yourself.

3. Create a meditation time, first thing in the morning, and then in the evening, when you are having quality time with inner self/being.

4. Allow yourself to become intuitive with your feelings and thoughts. Put these feelings and thoughts down on paper, date the incident, and see how often you are correct. The more often you find yourself correct, the more you will begin to believe in yourself and your intuitive abilities.

5. Do the same with Tarot cards — write down your interpretation, and see how often you are correct. This also helps you understand your idea of what a card means, versus what it is telling you. Do the same thing with whatever tools that assist you in understanding your interpretation of your client’s life meanings and situations.

6. Start reading for friends and others, so you can become validated in what you are seeing and interpreting for them in the present and future.

7. Make up a daily mantra that you will be building for your developing Higher Self. I have found that your guides, teachers, Angels, and other entities will be with you through the journey, and the more you ask, the more you will receive.

8. Most of all, have fun with learning, and with healing your body as your instrument of understanding and learning. Be grateful for the magic you are creating and learning. It truly can become a humbling experience once you ‘knock and the door shall be opened!’ Ask and you shall receive. These are truths that you can live by as you take on this dimension of reality for yourself and others.

5 thoughts on “8 Steps to be More Psychic

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  4. Priti

    What a wonderful article!!! thanks so much TerriLynn. It is just what I needed to read this morning. It made me believe what I need and ask for comes forth …. Have been feeling rather blue since yesterday and cannot pin it to one solid reason. So four random things happened that I have to now believe made me realise I need to rise above this silly blue cloud and see more . In short randomly received compliments and shared laughs with stranger and colleague where they ended up saying “you are so beautiful!!” (am one of those who never believes when people say that :)) Then I read this when I am questioning this morning that I am trying to make myself a better and more intune person then why am I feeling so low?? Hope fully my day will be much more relaxed today .


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