Why Visualizing Works

People ask, how do you quiet your own mind when you barely find the ability to focus on a book you want to read? For all those who quiver when being presented with the idea of meditation, I want to call it something different, I am going to call it “visualization,” and I say everyone can do it.

Why is it so important to do this? Because if one visualizes specific things over and over, they become imprinted in one’s subconscious mind, and this is what creates your reality. There are plenty of people who try to argue this and swear that their reality is created by conscious choices. Which is predominantly true for “healthy” people.

Many of us had bad things happen to us. We are all survivors of one thing or another, but what differentiates us and defines us in character and spirit is how we are dealing with the bad things and how we are treating those around us as we are hurting. Lashing out, abusing and bad-mouthing others are definitely not the strong suits of great spirit and character.

When we drop our attachment to being a victim and take true responsibility for our own well-being and state of mind, we create a world that is fairly free of suffering and predominantly filled with joy and happiness.

The more we become our “higher” self, the better the quality of our lives become.

So, before I received a job offer from any of the companies, I felt it was the right thing to do to quit. I had no other job lined up, my husband had just returned from his project, but that didn’t stop me. I had never felt stronger in my gut that I had found my purpose and it was not working for the giant, making a gazillion dollars and having a whole boat load of prestige attached. My calling was out there and I didn’t quite know what that would be, but I did know that I was close to finding it.

My last day with a gaming company was Friday, February 19. I had marched into my boss’s office three weeks prior and told him that it was time for me to move on. I felt in my gut that I was about to get my chance, and the feeling was so overwhelmingly strong that I walked out without having a back up plan –- or job.

I visualized. I decided that I wanted to align all my efforts and energy from now on with strengthening my higher self. I had decided that I wanted to fight fraudsters, but in an environment where it would aid other people.

I visualized a life in which I was married to my soulmate, the man who’d love me more than anything else in the whole world and thought me all the things others did not.

I visualized working in a company that made a difference, fighting crime and having fun, whilst living in my own home.

In other words, I visualized that turning 40 would be the beginning of the life I always wanted and the death of the life I had lived, which was a lie.

I believed it so strongly that I created EXACTLY that. I have found my bliss, and I created it out of a pile of rubbish, and so can everyone else out there!

The only person that is stopping you, is you!

8 thoughts on “Why Visualizing Works

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  3. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Lucie-
    I am a high energy type, myself. May I suggest giving some of these a try for background, because background is important. Try some of these: first and foremost, I learned this when I was in China, try putting a small fountain in your place. The Chinese believe that when we “hear” water it opens up our emotional outlets, yet, relaxes and soothes us. I am a big believer in this. I know it sounds so simple, but it helps a lot. Next, try these sounds: ocean waves, rain forrest and metaphysical music from the Asian influence-Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and Indian. You can sample and find a lot of these on AOL radio, or, you can buy them at metaphysical stores and online.
    Don’t look for immediate results. Give it about six weeks, trying this every day. I am a believer that it takes about six weeks of focus, on a daily basis, in order to create and make this a part of our lifestyle.
    I also like sandalwood and eucalyptus aromas for this stuff. It’s been good for me.
    Miss Krystal

  4. Beverly

    I to am like Luci. I seem to have a blockage at points when I try to Visualize. I need to say that Several yrs ago I was able to Visualize Quite well. And watched my efforts Manifest as I had seen. But I was seperated and Distraught at the time I began this. A reader I had contact with. Gave me a Specific picture to visualize with all concerned in this Picture. She had me Visualize the House my Husband was living in, with a Different woman. Going up & up into the Clouds and Vanishing. And my Husband and I back together, looking at the Empty space the House had been with Joy in our Hearts. I did this repeatedly and Very Vividly. Until….. a Tornado came through our city where we live. And Low and behold. The Other Womans House was 1 of the First ones hit. And Vanished into the air leaving only the Foundation it was once built on. I Thank God over and over, No Harm came to Anyone. As they escaped before it hit.
    But ever since that happened. I have never been able to Visualize or manifest Since. I believe I feel Guilty somehow for this happening. And I run into So many Distractions and roadblocks now. I can’t seem to Focus or Quiet my mind long enough to hold a Picture of Anything. And with Some Problems from Health and Emotional issues with my Partner now. God only knows , How badly I Need to visualize and create something better.
    Can Someone Help me understand and get Past this Blockage? So I can do what I Know my mind can do when it is in a Healthier state? How do I Overcome this?

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Monica,
    There are ways to tell….I used to test and certify psychics myself….
    I can tell during a reading if you are gifted enough….
    …but… there are also many other tests out there …..you could try the A.R.E psychic test.
    The Association for Research and Enlightenment aka A.R.E….founded by the late Edgar Cayce in Virginia Beach…is a great organization for testing,honing and furthering your psychic abilities.
    A.R.E. is a global organization….so there is probably a support group in your general vicinity.
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. Monica Khoo

    Hi Gina Rose, how does one show signs of above average psychic ability. I am very interested in developing further to get to my higher self and to help all around me.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I actually teach my students how to visualize when I get into teaching telepathy….and communication by telepathy.
    It doesn’t matter if I’m training psychics or medical intuitives/healers ( and there is a difference between those two groups )…this is where,laying the groundwork properly by teaching meditation FIRST, before anythingelse, is important.
    I teach them how to harness and draw inward their energy, hold and focus their energy, and project outward their energy. The ability to meditate and visualize are both KEY ingrediants in psychic developement.
    My students must first show some signs of above average psychic ability…AND be able to meditate before I even consider training them.
    Good article !
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. Lucie

    I can never “fully” visualize without having existing problems overwhelm my thoughts..No matter how hard I try to picture beautiful lights, gardens, waterfalls, and sunlight around me, between the distraction of noises and my own personal situations, I could never really pull it off. How does one overcome this?


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