Your Weekend Horoscope: Balance and Change

Balance and Change

Weekend Horoscope

This weekend the Sun enters virtuous Virgo, turning your attention to more practical affairs. This is a great time to get organized both at home and at work. Clean up clutter, balance your budget, and make changes that will make your life run more smoothly! This is also a great time to tweak your diet and exercise regimens. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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The Sun in Virgo encourages you to attend to all the annoying little chores and tasks that you would rather not do. It might not be fun or glamorous, but it will ultimately free you up to focus on more important jobs or to participate in pleasurable activities without distraction.


The Sun in Virgo encourages you to make it your mission to have fun! Whether you seek pleasure through romance, creativity, or an athletic pursuit, this is your time to pursue activities that empower you and bring you joy. Relationships with children also fare well under this influence.


When the Sun is in Virgo your attention turns to home and family matters. This is a time to enjoy get-togethers with loved ones and to implement changes in your domestic life that will support your long-term emotional security and happiness. Even spending time nesting and resting will be beneficial.


The Sun in Virgo enhances your communication skills in big way. Your usual reluctance to share your true thoughts is pushed to the back burner, as you express yourself more emphatically through both writing and speech. Projects related to communication, teaching, and learning get a big boost under this influence.


The Sun in Virgo brings financial matters into focus. This is an ideal time to assess where things stand and to develop a plan for greater prosperity. This might include creating a budget, paying off debts, or pursuing more prosperous employment. Over the next month, planetary energies support your efforts in these areas.


The Sun in your sign indicates that it is your time to shine! At this time of the year, the planets conspire to empower you as you share your unique gifts and talents with the world. Don’t worry about being selfish. Focus on taking care of yourself and setting new, personal goals for the year ahead.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals the start of your annual period of hibernation, as the Sun in Virgo moves into your house of seclusion. This is a time to reflect, rest, and to recharge your batteries. Step back from worldly affairs as much as possible, and give yourself a well-needed break!


The Sun in Virgo enlivens your social life, providing opportunities to make new friends, as well as spending quality time with your usual crew. You will feel empowered when you connect and collaborate with like-minded people who get you and who appreciate your unique viewpoint and abilities.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that career matters take precedence over other concerns as the Sun moves into practical Virgo. Now is the time to set a major, professional goal. In the weeks ahead, all eyes will be on you. Be prepared to demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed.


The Sun in Virgo is activating your house of higher learning, encouraging you to pursue experiences that will expand your physical or mental horizons. This is an ideal time to travel or to pursue an academic or spiritual course of study. The knowledge that you acquire will enrich you and prepare you for future goals.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals the Sun in Virgo empowering the zone that rules the gifts that you receive from others. This placement indicates that the important activities you are engaged in now will depend upon the emotional or financial support of others. Make it your mission to keep up good relations!


The Sun in Virgo enlivens your relationship sector, bringing the topic of commitment to the forefront. This is an ideal time to take a romance to the next level or to commit to working with a business partner who shares your ideals and goals. Your happiness and success are doubled when you make it a joint effort!

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