8 Ways to Discover Your Dream Career

From Dream to Reality

As a child, when you were asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, what did you say? Are you doing or pursuing that same line of work now? Most people aren’t, but do you still want to? For most of us, it takes research, experience and risk to find our dream job. Unfortunately, we must usually endure several bad jobs, countless hours of research as well as risky work experiences to discover the dream job we have always wanted.

Personally, I struggled as a high school teacher for five years before landing my dream career as a school librarian. To get there I had to meet the five-year teaching requirement, pay for two master’s degrees and I had to risk being unemployed for some time. But it was all worth it! I do not regret working hard to get where I am today.

If you are not quite sure what you want to pursue professionally, here are just a few of the things you can do to discover your dream career:

1. Check Out Career Websites

Create an account on LinkedIn, Monster, Career Cruising, and other sites. Update your profiles regularly and search for job opportunities that match your interests and skills. Some of these sites have networking events that you can sign up for. Even if you are employed, it helps to see what else is out there and what connections you can make. Wondering what else is out there for you, professionally? A reading with Psychic Julia ext. 9131 can tell you what you have to look forward to and what you need to do to make it happen.

2. Take Career Tests

You can find many free career assessment tests on the Internet. These can give you a good idea of what careers might be the best choice for you based on your personality, your level of education, previous work experience, etc. Though I am a quiet and petite female, one test told me I should be a “fire fighter.” At first I completely disagreed, but then I realized that it recommended that position to me because I am fearless, efficient, a problem-solver, and I desire to help others.

3. Attend Career Fairs

Attend career fairs to gather information from companies looking to hire. Do not forget to dress up and bring plenty of copies of your resume. Also, be prepared to have an interview right on the spot.

4. Get an Education

Did you get a degree in a subject that you no longer want a career in? Plenty of people make this mistake because they go to college when they are fresh out of high school and before they know what they really want to be. If you are in this situation, consider getting a Master’s degree, certificate, or credential in your desired field.

5. Find a Mentor

The best way to take on a new career is to talk to someone who works in that field. Meet with that person regularly to ask questions. Try to spend a day on the job site with them to get a good assessment of whether or not that job will work for you.

6. Get Feedback From Loved Ones

Ask the people who know you best what career they think would fulfill you. Our parents, partners and kids will be able to provide an informed perspective on the kind of work activities your skill set and soul would find meaningful.

7. Read Books About Careers

I once bought a book called 101 Career Alternatives for Teachers and it really opened up my eyes to all the jobs I could get due to my teaching background. I recommend you search for similar types of books for your career of choice.

8. Do Not Stay in a Career You Hate for More Than Five Years

When you have spent about three years in a career that is not your dream job, start making a plan for moving on and pursuing your ideal work situation. This could include taking night classes, getting a weekend job or going on interviews. Do anything you can to create a life in which you do meaningful work. Your job pays the bills, but do you do meaningful work? You want to, and you can with career advice from Psychic Peyton ext. 5312. 

On average, we spend 40 hours a week working, plus another five  hours a week commuting to and from work. Thus, it is important that we spend this significant part of our lives doing something that we are passionate about. You only live once, and you have more power than you think over your future. Do not get stuck in a job just because it pays the bills and is convenient. Spend the time and take the risks that will make you happier in the long run.

Now that I have my dream career, I wake up more energized. I drive to work excited, and I spend my 40 hours a week feeling good about the work I do. You can achieve the same fulfillment—but not without stepping outside of your comfort zone.

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