Turn Your Passion Into a Career in 12 Steps

Profiting From What Makes You Happy

What were you doing the last time you had some free time? If you answered, “I felt inspired to create something,” or “I felt compelled to share my latest find with others,” then you have a passion you can turn into profit and possibly even a new career. If you’ve got a service to offer or you’re the creative type, then you’ve got a real chance, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as there’s a lot to consider. Let’s look at how to turn your passion into a career you will love, be proud of and profit from.

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Dream Big While Remaining Realistic

You may be the next best painter, writer, dog walker or lure maker this side of the Mississippi River, but if no one knows who you are or what you do, they won’t be beating down your door and asking for your services. And you may dream of quitting your day job and working on your passion full-time, but you must have patience and take the time to build your business right and from the bottom up. In short, you need a plan—a rough draft will do to start. There’s no getting around the practical side of things.

You may have dreams of being rich and famous—well, anything’s possible—but having a better life is more realistic. Making extra cash and finding that fulfilling “missing piece” in your life are all very possible. You can absolutely turn your passion into a career with a little dedication.

Setting Goals and Ground Rules:

Here are 12 rules to consider as you go along:

1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job … Yet
Chances are your new venture isn’t going to take off right away, so don’t quit your job. You still need to pay the bills and keep the lights on, and you also need the money to pay for supplies. You can give up your nights and weekends at first. Don’t be afraid to really take the time to build—a little patience goes a long way! There’s no need to make a drastic change overnight. Also, your coworkers can be your first customers. Just make sure your business doesn’t also interfere with your boss’ business. Pitch your stuff at lunch or after work.

2. Make Trades for Testimony
The best way to get satisfied customers is to show them you already have satisfied customers. How do you do that with a new business? You give stuff away in exchange for honest testimonies. If they love your work, they’ll certainly praise it to the heavens. However, if they hate it, hopefully they’ll offer constructive criticism that leads to improvements.

3. Create Your Online Presence
You can start a blog or post some YouTube videos to make your presence known. This will certainly help the world get to know you and what’s special about your product. Also, offer something in exchange for email addresses—a free e-book or gift. That way, you have people to contact as your business grows.

4. Be Personable
If you’re likable, people will want to do business with you. You want to be considered a professional in your field, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the real you—charming, friendly and trustworthy. If you’re phony, people will spot it right away and they won’t trust you.

5. Learn From Others
Unless your product or service is totally unique, chances are someone else is doing what you want to do right now. Meet them, study them and learn from them. Get ideas and learn from their mistakes. Read their blogs, take the courses they offer and connect with them. Use your networking skills and also consider asking for a mentorship.

6. Become an Expert
Know your product inside and out, and know where its components are sourced. Know its benefits, and also know its unique qualities. Do your homework. Then take it to the next level by making it your own and developing your niche.

7. Make Sure it’s Rewarding
Starting a new business is hard work, but it’s also rewarding. It won’t be sunshine and roses all the time, but if it stops being fun, it becomes work. Getting started is fun, and the rewarding part comes when your business sustains you long-term.

8.Track Your Expenses
Keep track of all your financials. You may not make a profit within the first year, but you should still know how much you’re spending, the moment you break even, and even more important, the moment you turn a profit.

9. Post Constantly
Let’s go back to your online presence—it’s something you need to maintain, whether it’s daily, weekly, or whatever. Sell your stuff online, offer freebies and make it easy for people to follow you. There are also many sites where you can host your services and sell locally or to the world. Link your sales page to your blog and twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It’s easy and mostly free self-promotion. You can even set up automatic posts—one and done. You don’t have to spend your life online if that’s not your thing.

10. Manage Your Time
Your business can’t be a one-person show forever, and because there are at least two sides to it (creative side and business side), you’ll be needing some help. See if you can get friends or interns to help you out. Offer them discounted or free merchandise, a stipend or something in trade.

11. Tell Everyone and Anyone
Get some cheap business cards and hand them out to friends, coworkers and family, who will hopefully hand them out to their friends and coworkers. It’s free promotion that could bring you customers. Consider using free advertising sites and also register with local business communities and networking groups.

12. Envision Your Success
Your faith in your abilities and hard work will lead to your success. You can envision yourself being successful even when you aren’t there yet. What does success look and feel like to you? How will turning your passion into profit change your life for the better? If you believe that you have the ability to do great things, you certainly will!

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