Best Crystal for Each Zodiac Sign

An image depicting crystals for different zodiac signs, with Aries over a red stone, Gemini over a black stone, Aquarius over an orange stone, Leo over a brown stone, Taurus over a gray stone, and Pisces over a purple stone.

Crystals and the Zodiac

Crystals are incredibly useful tools. Many people use them to cleanse energy fields, bring motivation and confidence, and help with sleep, among many other things. The list goes on and on. Likewise, someone’s zodiac sign can inform all sorts of things about them. And just as each zodiac sign has its own specific tendencies and traits, crystals also have their own associations and attributes. Pairing the two can help balance out extreme qualities, boost skills that may be lacking, or finetune existing abilities that would benefit from increased focus.

Supercharged Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

Given this connection, here is a list of crystals that pair well with each zodiac sign. Remember that this is just one suggestion for a crystal that works well with your sign. However, there are many other stones that each sign can benefit from, and if this suggestion doesn’t suit your needs, don’t limit yourself! There are tons of crystals for your zodiac sign out there, and what matters is finding the ones that work for you.


Ruby for releasing and building: Ruby provides protection and encourages people born under Aries to let go of surface-level slights instead of getting inflamed by them, as they are prone to do. The deep, brilliant hue of a ruby is a good match for Aries’ fire, and both share a connection to the sun. Finally, rubies are associated with love in every sense, so this is especially great for any Aries who is looking to connect.


Emerald for balance and grounding: You can think of emerald as the green breath of fresh spring air that follows the long, cold winter. Emerald is a Heart Chakra stone, and it helps balance Taurus’ tendency to want to possess those they love. It does this by grounding Taurus in abundance. Like the sign of Taurus itself, emeralds emphasize connections and relationships.


Tourmaline for stability and decisiveness: People born under Gemini can use tourmaline to help them make choices and take action. Tourmaline has a strong connection to the Root Chakra. This stabilizes and grounds Geminis, making them less flighty and balancing their commitment-averse tendencies. Red tourmaline is especially potent for the Gemini who needs encouragement before they act.


Moonstone for comprehension and navigation: Unsurprisingly, moonstone channels the energy of the moon, making it a great choice for the moon-ruled Cancer. Moonstones connect Cancer to the ruler of emotions, helping them better understand and navigate the plethora of strong feelings for which they are known.


Tiger’s Eye for detoxification and rooting: Tiger’s eye can help Leos maintain a balanced Root Chakra, helping them build a steady foundation that can fortify their self-esteem, as their ego can otherwise be somewhat fragile. Tiger’s eye is also helpful for banishing toxic energies, which can sometimes arise thanks to the Leo sign’s drive to be right. Finally, tiger’s eye is great for helping Leos turn their big dreams into reality.


Carnelian for soothing and belief: Carnelian helps Virgos maintain their creativity and passion. It can also alleviate Virgo’s habit of self-criticism, reminding them that they are capable of great wonder and beauty. While Virgos may get bogged down under all the structures and systems they’re so fond of, carnelian encourages flow and warmth, returning breath and ease to the Virgos who use it.


Opal for amplification and support: Opal is a profound amplifier. It takes and increases Libra’s desire for balance, harmony, and love. Opal gives Libra energy and tenderness, but it also supports them in creating and maintaining helpful boundaries so they don’t fall into a pattern of people-pleasing. As a bonus, opals make for reliable good luck charms, giving Libras an added boost of good fortune.


Garnet for healing and uplifting: Garnet’s deep healing capabilities are a match for the depth at which Scorpios operate. Garnets connect to the lower chakras, helping Scorpios feel grounded and safe. It can steer them away from cycles of self-doubt and jealousy. Garnets also help set a positive tone in the background of daily life, which Scorpios may struggle to do on their own.


Turquoise for calm and clarity: People born under Sagittarius may be drawn to this stone’s brilliant color. Turquoise is wise. Its aged energy radiates calmness and clarity, facilitating communication. This helps balance out the fast-paced, overflowing, and loud lifestyle that Sagittariuses are inclined toward. Turquoise is a Throat Chakra stone, and as such, it brings confidence to communication.


White Sapphire for focus and inspiration: White sapphire is associated with clarity of purpose. As a result, it enhances Capricorn’s inherent drive and motivation by helping them focus their energy. As one of the four true precious gems, Capricorns can appreciate and be inspired by the sapphire’s purity. White sapphires are connected to the Crown Chakra and can help Capricorns stay in touch with their life’s purpose.


Amber for joy and boundaries: Amber is solidified pine tree resin. Unsurprisingly, its energy grounds Aquarius signs and gives them a sense of stability. Amber aligns with Aquarius’ proclivity toward optimism by encouraging creative joy. Amber can also make it easier for people born under Aquarius to moderate their boundaries, helping them balance and protect their sensitivities.


Amethyst for realistic commitments and intuition: Amethyst carries feelings of love, light, and calm. This mellow energy matches Pisces well. Amethyst is healing, empathetic, spiritual, and creative. It can help prevent Pisces signs from losing themselves by giving too much to others or committing to more than they can accomplish. Amethyst encourages Pisces signs to listen to their intuition and seek enlightenment.

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