5 Ways to Take Control of Your Career

Plan for Your Success

In today’s depressed economy, where the idea of job security has all but disappeared, many have found themselves full of uncertainty over the future of their chosen careers. Perhaps you have lost your job recently and feel like you may never again be offered something in your field that you’ll actually enjoy. Maybe you have taken a job or two which has lead you in a different career direction than you would have preferred. Whatever the circumstances, if you now find yourself immersed in a career which you do not enjoy, there’s no time like the present to take action. These helpful guidelines can get you moving in the right direction.

1. Replot Your Course

Stop obsessing about how you came to such dire straits, and instead invest your time and energy in the solution. Compare where you are in your career with where you want to be. Set goals for yourself, sign up for any courses and training which might help get you back on track. The more background you have in training and experience in the field of your choice, the easier it will be to get the job in that market. Research alternative positions and careers. Be realistic with yourself about your talents to determine if your goals are achievable.

2. Assessment Tests

Let employers know exactly what you’re good at while you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. Your test scores, which many employers request, can be an important factor in landing an interview – and hopefully the job. These scores will also show you which skills you may need to strengthen, either through practice, training or schooling.

3. Social Networking

Job hunting requires using all of your resources, perhaps the most important of which is who you know. Make a list of all the people in your sphere of influence, from close friends to friends of friends, former teachers, neighbors and past employers. Chances are someone in the list may give you a vital edge when trying to get in with a particular company or position. Another helpful tool with job hunting is to join organizations with common career interests. You can learn invaluable information about the job market from specific companies while making new social connections that may aid in landing future job interviews.

4. Stand Firm on the Essentials

Expectations of bosses and company owners can influence your every career move if you allow them to. While you want to be seen as a flexible employee and a team player, allowing people to push you into positions and responsibilities that you dislike will only make you miserable. Communication is crucial. Let your boss know that while you’re willing to help out the company temporarily with certain responsibilities, you do not want these expectations to be a permanent part of your job. Make yourself invaluable to your company for your strengths – doing what you enjoy. Make sure you are performing to the best of your abilities as proof of your value. If a company or boss is still pressuring you to take on a position you do not want, it’s time to find a company that’s a better fit for your career needs.

5. Open Your Mind

Many people stay in jobs that they hate because they are comfortable in their misery, or they fear not being able to find another more desirable position. Pushing through these feelings will be imperative to any successful positive career move. Being open-minded about a job title, type of company and salary scale will net you many more options and might pleasantly surprise you. It’s your job to know your interests and then build upon and market your strengths; it’s the employer’s job to utilize these within his or her company. As long as you are clear and honest about your career intentions, you will eventually find a happy fit.

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