Meet Your Spirit Guides: Use Your Dreams to Connect

Donna from Halifax, Canada asks:


I’m just learning more about spirit guides. How do I know which ones are around me? I try to meditate, which is new to me, and learn how to get better connected to things around me.


I try and remember my dreams, but find this so hard. However, the other morning all I could remember is this in my head – “I had so much fish and chips, I don’t want any more!” Is this something from one of my guides (maybe an uncle who passed this year)?


I’m seeing white flashes at the corner of my vision (I heard that this is a good sign), and I do feel a sensation in my body when meditating. Also, I felt a bright warm light on my face as I sat in one favourite place at the ocean’s edge, in spite of the fact that it was a heavy, foggy day, with no sun!

Am I getting close to learning some things in this area?

Dear Donna,

First, you have already made great progress in getting acquainted with your spirit guides and angels. Not only that, you have experienced direct contact with your guardian angel, who is the one who shone the warm light on your face at the ocean. She invites you to join her there any time you wish to connect for healing, peace or protection.

Using dreams as your main spirit guide contact, unless you’re already into dream interpretation, is not usually the easiest way for a beginner, partly because each person’s dreamscape is full of symbols and layers of personal meaning which usually take time to master. But your uncle thinks it will be a great place to meet, as you will see.

Your guides say that the fish and chips dream wasn’t an actual message, but instead was your unconscious remembering or creating a familiar experience to share with the uncle who passed recently, and who would like to join your other spirit guides. I’d suggest you get some books or do internet research on lucid dreaming, because your guides tell me that your uncle (apparently he has a wacky sense of humor) would love to “meet” you regularly in your dreams, and he suggested a dream-fish-and-chips-shop as the meeting place.

When you’re falling asleep, imagine yourself entering a fish and chips place, and seeing your uncle waiting at a table for you. Tell yourself you’ll remember important messages in the morning, and then go to sleep. When you wake up, even in the middle of the night, be sure to write down any thoughts, feelings or images immediately. Dream content evaporates very quickly.

And, if you follow these links, you can learn some other techniques for establishing a dialogue with your guides, because so far only your uncle wants to use dreams to connect with you. And keep experimenting with all kinds of meditation, both still and moving (like T’ai Chi or walking).

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One thought on “Meet Your Spirit Guides: Use Your Dreams to Connect

  1. judith

    my dreams of my ex partners loving me in a caring way. Vivid ..a good looking man. dirty blonde shoulder long hair,side parting L. lovely gentle soul like an angel. wearing stone jacket with double breast,open. coming towards me,smiling. had this man in dream for 4 nights. hes closer each night. i am single. Judith


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