DreamCast: Lost in a Rising Flood

Kari from Los Angeles writes:

Hi Cortney, I keep having this nightmare where there is massive flooding everywhere. I live in the city, and all I see are desperate people in need of help. Although I’m terrified, I somehow end up leading these people through a tunnel. Once we exit the tunnel, we come to an immense red bridge over murky, cold water. People are praying and jumping off. There’s chaos and people are running everywhere. Now I’m lost in a sea of people and the waters are creeping closer and closer. I seem to have lost someone close – a woman wearing a long white dress. At first I think it’s my mom, but as I look closely, I realize it’s me. Then I wake up with my heart beating fast. I don’t know what any of this means. Please, shed some light.

Hello Kari,

The most meaningful part of your dream was your realization that the lost woman was actually you. To have recognized yourself in a dream as a character is unusual and highly insightful. Good for you! The long white dress is a spiritual symbol of purity. So, unless a white dress means something specific to you, such as a wedding, the woman likely represents your inner guidance/higher power.

Which brings up the question: What’s going on in your life that is threatening to derail your direction in life? Since water symbolizes the emotions, the flood suggests you are in danger of being overwhelmed by your feelings and/or the feelings of others. Are you too sensitive to what others think and feel? Do you get sidetracked by what others expect of you?

The red bridge may symbolize your energy and fortitude, which will help you rise above the negativity (murky water) and get to where you need to go.

The desperate people are part of your psyche as well. Fortunately, you have the inner resources to take charge of your fears and forge a path that’s right for you.

Sweet dreams,


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One thought on “DreamCast: Lost in a Rising Flood

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Cortney,
    I so enjoy reading your dream column…….I also analyze dreams.
    People’s dreams fascinate me as it is fun to put together the pieces, and, at the same time, help take their fears away in the process.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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