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Video: Find a Job with Psychic Help

After losing my job, I was lost in the job search. It never occurred to me to call a psychic, but it's worth it to get through the stress and interviews. read more
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Money Matters: Break the Career Mold

Searching for your ideal career is not a hidden path. Link your natural talents to the business world and be ready to be adventurous and inventive. Then you will find your dream job. read more
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5 Ways to Take Control of Your Career

It can be very frustrating to find the job where you're happy, much less find the job of your dreams. Make plans for your success with these helpful guidelines. read more
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6 Steps to Get Your Dream Job

Turn your dream job into a reality by reconnecting to your true self. Understanding what you want can help you find happiness in your career. read more

Manage Your Moods

Are your friends as stressed out as you are lately? Well, you're not alone. Web M.D. reports that 30% of Americans are losing sleep because of personal finances, job fears and the economy. CNN cited a ... read more

6 Strategies to Get Ahead

The road to success is about as non-formulaic as a masterpiece work of art. And the works of art in this case are the snap-shots of monumental successes you've achieved in your life. The progression of ... read more