5 Ways to Get Your Way

And You Don’t Have to Be Pushy or Demanding

If you want to get your way but have no idea how to get your way without being pushy, look no further. There are numerous ways you can get what you want out of any situation without being demanding, aggressive or pushy. Aggression and assertion are two different ways of dealing with people.

Aggression comes on too strong and can deter people from wanting to be on your side in a trusted scenario. Assertion is showing your value to others by proving you can show results. People believe and trust in someone who is assertive and who is a “go-getter.” Actions speak louder than words. Aggression can come out all twisted and can cause relationships to fold and break down. People don’t like to be talked down to or put down through fear tactics. Here are five ways to get your way without being pushy or demanding.

1. Show Your Value

People will give you what you deserve out of life. Nothing comes on a silver platter unless you’re a rich heir like Paris Hilton, or a prince born into the royal family. We all need to work at our lives to achieve our dreams and goals. Show your worth and show what you can do. Effort results in getting your ultimate needs and wants met.

2. Ask

If you want something, go ahead and ask for it, but know and understand you may hear the word “no.” The more you accept that you may be rejected, the closer you will come to knowing which actions you have to take to achieve more respect. Respect and honesty generally result in getting what you want down the line. People respect honesty on all accounts. If you want a raise from your boss, ask, but he might say no. Don’t let this tarnish your efforts, as one day it will be a “yes.” Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

3. Try, Try Again

The more people see you make an effort in life and the more you try, the easier it will become to get what you want out of any scenario and life in general. Keep trying and working hard at your goals. People will eventually notice your efforts, and it could result in you achieving what you thought was impossible.

4. Don’t Push, Don’t Shove. Be Kind.

Be kind to people, and we don’t mean the phrase “kill them with kindness” here. People who have good hearts eventually get what they want. It may not be a new car, beach house or the million dollar lottery, but it could mean a raise, a promotion, much-needed vacation and more time with the family. Kindness and compassion is very important when you want to get what you want out of life.

“Trust that what you are asking for will come to be. Know that the source has heard your questions and trust it will be handled.” – Mimi ext. 5522

5. Choose Your Words Carefully

Edit your vocabulary. Don’t expect to be given material items and don’t expect that money grows on trees. Don’t order someone to give you respect or give you what you want. Take time to talk to someone, communicate your desires and address your needs. The more mature you are about expressing your needs, the more people will keep their defenses down and listen to you. Some people may surprise you and grant you your wishes.

“To manifest things in your life, meditate on the feeling of already having it.” – Rivers ext. 5273

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Another really good article by Natasha……

    The articles in this blog, overall, just get better & better.

    Actions usually do speak louder than words……


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