Your January Money Horoscope

Your January Money Horoscope

Your Money Horoscope: A Major Shift in Energy

Much of the Capricorn-get-organized energy we’ve felt lately is now being replaced with quirky and impulsive monetary notions. As planets move into Aquarius, your January Money Horoscope is bound to take some unexpected twists and turns under this influence. What seems like a sure thing may not be, and what appears to be risky may be worth taking a chance on. If you don’t invest too much energy in any one thing, and if you take each day as it comes, you should be able to ride the tide.

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With sacrifice comes reward, especially for a work-hard/play-hard Aries in January. Why not gather a group together for a night out mid-month when the stars are aligned for fun. Who deserves it more than you?


Venus comes to visit you at work, putting the spotlight on all of your dedication and good works. If there was ever a good time to expect (or request) a raise, this would be it—just do it before January 23 to be safe.


Your January Money Horoscope features a Full Moon in home-loving Cancer, which also happens to be your house of money. If you’re not full of home repair ideas, then perhaps you’ll have the desire to transform a room into a place where you can explore your creative side.

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Even with lucky Jupiter in your money house, you won’t be able to escape all the planets entering your house of shared money. Remain positive about cash flow and you’ll find you have all you need, as long as you don’t overspend.


Venus and Mercury have a direct effect on your beneficent side this month as they’ll both be in your seventh house, along with others. As the King/Queen of the Jungle, you and your partner may decide to put your money towards charities and worthy causes.


Between Venus and Mercury in your house of reputation and money earned, and Saturn’s positioning in Sagittarius, chances are good that someone you know, close to home, could point you in the direction of a financial opportunity. But are they new investments or a new job opportunity? Be on the lookout.

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You’re always seeking balance and lately your scales have been leaning towards the lean side and it’s giving you some concern. The good news is that by month’s end Venus enters Pisces and your house of daily work. She’ll help you get a boost in pay and maybe even a better-paying job.


Your January Money Horoscope is exciting, spontaneous and a bit unpredictable, and that can make you uncomfortable. How do you use this energy? When you find an opportunity that looks lucrative, use your intuition to tell you if it’s right for you. If it is, swoop down on it.


The Full Moon in home-loving Cancer highlights your house of other people’s money. You may consider self-employment as long as you can be out in the world doing it. With your communication sector opening up, you’ll have no problems charming people.

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This is your season, so it just makes sense that this would be your most promising Money Horoscope of the year so far. Several planets, including an inspiring New Moon on the 20th, are huddled in your house of money (aka Aquarius). You create, manifest and acquire monetary opportunities with ease.


Money matters go your way during the first half of January. With so much planetary activity in your house of self, including Venus (and Mercury retrograde), spending in the last two weeks of the month may be too tempting. Try to resist. Next month is better.


While Venus is in Aquarius (also your twelfth house of secrets), it would not be wise to try to hide money matters from your other half or anyone else involved. There’s no need for shame or for secrets, so be open. Work is where you rest your mind as well as make your money.

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  1. soma Chakraborty

    Am in need of money . I was supposed to receive some money due to out of court settlement but have not received the same yet . will i be getting it or not

    My DOB is 21 Jul 1968
    time is 3:38 Am
    Place India , jamshedpur

  2. Rahmat

    hi my name is Rahmat and my star is pisces how this year 2015 is for my money love and Relation.
    could you please give me some advise for these cases thank you.



  3. Barbara Montgomery

    Am I going to hear good news about money because I could use it very much.
    I know windox is cheap but do have to overer but please if you coukd help me that would be gre I ans asking fort a nirat tthank you happy new year

  4. Loreto Biete

    When it comes to money, do I have a chance to win the games of chance–i.e. lotto?
    My zodiac sign is Sagittarius
    Thank you..


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