4 Reasons Why Office Romances Spells Tragedy

Is Office Romance Doomed?

There really isn’t room for romance in the workplace, so if you can’t leave it at home (and many can’t), prepare to find yourself in a heap of trouble. Here are some of the main reasons why an office romance is inevitably doomed to meet a tragic end.

1. Job Jeopardy

The most obvious risk here is the potential strain on your reputation within the office and in your career. Some may question your professionalism, while others may see the relationship as a conflict of interest in the workplace, risking repercussions such as missed promotions or undesirable transfers. And if the relationship has a messy end, you will still have to perform well in your job no matter how demoralized you feel about being around him or her. Afraid you’re headed for disaster? Talk to Psychic Kim ext. 5512, who can see what lies ahead.

2. Disunity In The Workplace

If the romance is known throughout the office, coworkers may feel uncomfortable when working with the two of you. Not only is favoritism a potential issue, but you may lose their trust in confiding in you if they think you may share their words with your significant other.

3. A Question of Prejudice

If coworkers catch on about the romance, every behavior and decision the two of you make in the workplace may be scrutinized and judged. Colleagues will be looking out for any favoritism or special treatment given to their partner, while you are left wondering if you could be doing the same without conscious intention.

4. Power Plays

If either of you has a position ranked above the other, an office romance can cause power issues. Is one of you agreeing to the romance because the other one outranks him or her, and can the other person ever know for sure whether or not this is the case? Will the person in the subordinate position fear losing their job if they want to end the romance? This imbalance of power can easily affect the dynamic of the relationship, ultimately leading to its destruction. Not sure if your office romance is worth it? Talk to Psychic Bailey ext. 5473 to see where it’s headed.

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One thought on “4 Reasons Why Office Romances Spells Tragedy

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Great article……ALL TRUE !!!!!!!

    I could write much !!!!!!!!! about the many readings I do that involve job problems because of stress within office romances.

    People really need to think ahead about the potential pitfalls of starting a office romance and about all of the ” what if’s ” that you will have to deal with if it goes bad.


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