4 Psychics Waiting to Give You an Incredible Reading

Get a Reading to Steer You Towards Your Best Future!

Are you ready for an incredible reading, whether it’s on love, career, your path in life or anything else? Give one of these four, highly skilled, talented, warm and compassionate psychics a call!

Psychic Aimee ext. 5711 hails from the United Kingdom. She asks for your name, and upon hearing it, she closes her eyes to focus on your energy. Please relax and ready yourself for a deeply profound experience. A no-tools medium who also gives general readings, she enjoys sharing overviews of your life and connecting to those on the other side. Aimee shares her extrasensory gifts by relaying messages from spirit without sugarcoating their communications. Reading professionally for over 10 years, she developed her psychic abilities by allowing them to grow naturally. Over time, her talents got progressively stronger to the point where she just had to use them for her occupation. Her goal is to bring you clarity with the utmost integrity. She hopes that a session with her helps you “feel that the world is a better place.” She finds joy in being able to reconnect you with your loved ones in a no-nonsense fashion. You will love her energy and the fact that she wastes no time in giving you information! Ready to see a better world? Give Psychic Aimee ext. 5711 a call!

Psychic Fernando ext. 5786

Fernando hails from the United Kingdom. Bilingual, he can read in both Spanish and English. To begin, he will ask for your name and date of birth. While he does not need you to ask questions, please let him know if you are looking for answers in particular areas. He channels spirit guides, angels, and anyone in the spiritual realm that has messages for you. Fernando works energetically and his guides often reveal stuck behavioral patterns. As a life coach, he can help you break those patterns! He excels at relationship issues and can describe how the other person in your life feels. Reading professionally for over 20 years, his gifts were passed down through generations of women in his family. He also has an educational background in film, photography and television. It was while doing research for documentaries in Shamanism and alternative healing that his inherited abilities came alive! Fernando says, “I have a very strict code of practice… A reading is always a creative and positive force in someone’s life if it is given sensitively and with the intention to heal the person.” Do you have a few patterns to break? Give Psychic Fernando ext. 5786 a try!

Psychic Rose Mary ext. 9549

Rose Mary has been working as a professional psychic and medium for 35 years and is a registered counselor with the State of Washington. Her specialties are channeling and angel guide communication as well as spiritual healing. She has had many experiences as both a child and adult where she was actually able to psychically see and talk to her guides. There was an especially transforming situation that literally saved her life and affirmed her purpose for being on earth. Rose Mary considers herself blessed and her desire is to help others awaken to the remembrance of their own divinity and understanding of their creative abilities. She uses no tools. Want to open to your higher calling? Call Psychic Rose Mary ext. 9549 now!

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