5 Reasons Why Phone Readings Are the Best!

Psychic Connection By Phone

1. A Blessed and Serene Space is Optimal for a Working Psychic

There is a room in my home that is devoted exclusively to psychic readings. I have made it comfortable by designing it with objects that represent the spiritual connection that is critical in being of assistance to my clients. This special, quiet, beautiful room allows me the peace to focus completely on the psychic connection.

2. There is No Interference Reading Body Language and Facial Expressions

When sitting in front of a client I can’t help but notice how they are reacting to the psychic guidance I am receiving for them. This shows in many different ways; from a shift in posture to facial expressions. For example, this could be a big smile or tears in their eyes. For the clearest reception and transfer of psychic information, it is best not have an opinion on what is being said. This is much easier when not physically observing the clients. The psychic information comes in clearly and precisely with no interference.

3. A Flexible Schedule Lends Itself to a More Focused Experience

Everyone has an “off” day occasionally. This is true for psychics, too. At California Psychics the psychics have total freedom in setting their schedules. This works well as we are able to log-on during times of personal peak psychic energy and reception. We are also able to log-off if we are having any sort of difficulty connecting for whatever reason, insuring only the highest quality readings.

4. Anonymity and Privacy for the Client

For some it is much easier to speak freely when it is understood and technically insured that the conversation is private. The psychic has no idea where you are calling from, your phone number or any other information personal or otherwise. This being said, it is important that the information you do give your psychic is true. Giving your psychic inaccurate information may affect the quality of your reading. If you feel uncomfortable talking about anything, let them know. It’s your reading.

5. Convenience

Many psychics work from their homes. This allows for the maximum control over energetic influences.
No wasted time and energy commuting or rushing around in preparation for the day. At California Psychics you can call 24 hours a day and speak to an professional psychic. No matter the time, on your lunch hour or the middle of the night, whenever you have something to discuss a skilled psychic is always available to help.

Our mountain ranch was 12 miles outside a town of 300 people, and I was commuting 60 miles one way to my office in a large city to provide psychic readings. During the frequent winter storms I had to reschedule appointments. My clients understood, but were often disappointed about the wait. They wanted information today, not when the roads were open! I had to do something different for my clients, myself and my family. 15 years ago I decided to try phone readings. I had no idea if it would work for me, and it was most certainly a leap of faith. I soon discovered I loved reading by phone, and my clients appreciated the flexibility and convenience, too.

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13 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Phone Readings Are the Best!

  1. Niki Stewart - Online Psychic Readings

    Psychic reading is that you can be highly discreet about the entire process. No one needs to know or no one will ever come to know whether you have used psychic reading or not. Thanks!

  2. Gayle

    Very interesting and informative article, Glenna. As a client I’ve always been curious about how you guys work.

  3. Nora ext. 5891

    I think a phone reading works really great for a cladarient, hearing and knowing, I am listening so closely it causes me to focus more intently on the caller. I am learning more about being a better listener in all phases of my life thanks to being a California Psychic. It’s a privilege talking to callers from all over the country at any time of the day, something that wouldn’t be possible if I only gave face to face readings.

  4. Psychic WhitneyPsychic Whitney

    Great article and so true! Gina Rose is right, cell phones are difficult. Sometimes people are hard to understand when the phone connection is not optimal…

    Thanks for the article!

    Whitney, ext. 5716

  5. -quinn ext. 5484

    phone readings are wonderful, they are relaxing and comfortable, sitting in your home, during a lunch break at work or school, it is a quick fix for any drama that comes up.
    cell phones have enabled us to talk to each other when and where ever we want. what a blessing this is. you can sneak outside if the family is home and call – BUT – they do drop calls. this is the way it is, batteries die, dead zones crop up, if you are not wearing a bluetooth you can drop the phone and lose us… that’s really a dropped call 🙂

    the other day a person i know got into an accident while fighting with her man on her cell phone while driving. she might not walk again. this is pretty heavy stuff i know but true. i would just be a mess if i was talking to someone and they got hurt while we were doing a reading. please if you are going to use your cell phone, pull over and park. keep the charger on while we are talking so it doesn’t drop the call. be safe, get a good reading and go on your way.
    i want everyone to be enlightened but while they are alive…
    with metta,
    quinn ext. 5484

  6. Aurora ext. 5365

    Great article Glenna!

    I find as a gemstone reader that I am more accurate in phone readings as my callers aren’t influenced by choosing the pretty stones! Instead, they must choose energetically, which does provide a much clearer reading. Although it’s good to sit face to face, I prefer phone readings for the accuracy.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    The only drawback to this is the dropped cell phone calls, which is very aggravating for most psychics, as it disrupts their flow of energy with you , the client.

    ……if you really want a good, smooth and powerful, accurate reading from your psychic……

    1. Call, if on a cell phone, from an area where there is good call reception.

    2. Make sure cell phone is charged and not about to die.

    3. Don’t call while on the run or when driving an automobile…try to call when YOU are in a relaxed mood and in a quiet space.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Excellent !!!!!

    I’ve read for 45 years and very much prefer to read via phone rather than in person for all of the aforementioned reasons in this article.

    Thank You, Glenna, for this article.

  9. Doreen

    I am just asking the question for those people who cannot afford to phone. I don’t think that’s a difficult question.

  10. Doreen

    What about people who really need help, but cannot afford to phone, because sometimes these calls can be very expensive, how do you help them.

  11. lisaLisa

    On item #1- before I receive a reading, I like to clear the energy of my room by practicing Reiki and meditate for at least 5 minutes.

    I believe it helps to clear the space and mind. 🙂

    Cyber Hugs,


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