Marseille Tarot: December 15 – 21

Marseille Tarot: December 15-21 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Come on in, warm up next to the fire, and let’s see what the week ahead holds for us. No doubt we will all be attending holiday parties of various kinds and be doing a fair amount of shopping, whether by car, on foot, or in cyber world. Whatever we do, let’s show up with bells on, because the holidays only come up for us once a year. Remember: All that’s missing is you!

The Marseille Tarot deck we are using this week is considered by some to be the “true” Tarot, predating even the gold standard Rider-Waite! The quality engraved images and colors give an ancient and authentic spin on interpretation. This deck dates back to the 18th century and probably originated in northern Italy. It has several different variations and they’re all captivating to look at and use.

Our reading this week is from the Marseille deck by Yoav Ben-Dov.

December 15 – Sunday

The Empress

Your positive energy has influenced good results, whether you feel this today or not. This card is telling us today that even if our efforts to set things in perfect order has been, well, imperfect, the Empress energy will see to it that the important things get accomplished. Literally, the energies favor news about an impending birth in our inner circle. Fertility is in the air and will be expressed through new creations of spirit, mind, and body.

December 16 – Monday


What stems from ego, what stems from centered spiritual intuition?  This card asks us today to separate seeking personal advantage from spiritual enlightenment clearly in our own minds. There is a place for both but a situation will arise today requiring an action coming from higher consciousness. If we can find and execute an action from that perspective, the results promise to be phenomenal. The pictured woman closing the mouth of the lion with her bare hands suggests how dramatically this will play out in a situation we’re in today. Are we up for the challenge?

December 17 – Tuesday

The Chariot

Things are moving ahead today whether we want them to or not. Can we jump into the flow and drive the stream of change? The chariot driver channels and balances will with passion to move forward towards his goal. A situation today will call for the clear minded control of emotion and rational focus. Achievement will be great if we can manage that today.

December 18 – Wednesday

Nine of Wands

It’s time to rest for a minute. This card tells us that all energies have been spent toward a goal and it’s time to take a break. Spend the day doing what you enjoy most! Make it a game to go from pleasure to pleasure throughout the whole day. If it’s impossible to do this completely, do it as much as you can. Think of ways to make yourself happy. The Nine of Wands tells us that joy and renewal need to be our goal.

December 19 – Thursday

Seven of Cups

Day-dreaming isn’t a waste of time. The Seven of Cups asks us to entertain lots of possibilities and think out of the box. The card cautions us that there is, of course, a time that action needs to take place. But, that time isn’t today. It is a day to indulge our imaginations. Spend some quiet time day-dreaming and the card promises that new inspiration will be ours!

December 20 – Friday

Five of Coins

Everything you need is probably already in your life! This card tells us today to look around and see the ways that this is true. It promises to uncover uncounted resources including people, things, and even information. Let’s take stock of all we really have because it already is abundant. The solutions to our problems can shock us if we take off the blinders.

December 21 – Saturday

Six of Coins (Happy Winter Solstice!)

In what ways can we support and assist others and accept their support and assistance today? The sun will now be returning to Earth and the days get slowly and gradually longer. Let’s contemplate how at the darkest point in the year we are actually beginning to move toward more light. The continuing paradox of how extreme weakness is actually strength, and extreme strength is actually weakness, points to what balance could look like for us in issues requiring give and take. This card is telling us that today we will be required to both offer and accept help from others.

A fun spread to try:

The Two Paths Spread: When we are contemplating an either/or choice.

This spread is a great way to evaluate the pros and cons of a choice currently facing us. It examines the energies operating in the situation which are influencing our choices, and projects the likely outcome of each choice it includes.

This is a five card spread containing one card for the upper right, one card for the upper left, one card for the inner right, one card for the inner left, and a conclusion card at bottom center of your reading table.

Shuffle the deck well and spread the cards face down on the surface in front of you. Meditate on your either/or question. When you are focused, pull a card randomly from the face down pile and place it in the top left position face down. Take a breath and pull another and this time place it at the top right position. Pull three more cards randomly and place them as follows: one card for the inner left position, one for the inner right, and a final card at the bottom center of the spread.

Turn over the cards face up, left to right, top to bottom, with the outcome card last, to complete the reading.

Card 1- (Top Left) Which path am I most favoring taking? What will happen if I do?

Card 2- (Top Right) What would happen if I took my alternate choice in this situation?

Card 3- (Inner Left) What are my motivations for favoring my first choice? Are they sound?

Card 4- (Inner Right) What motivates me to consider my second choice or pathway?

Card 5- (Bottom Center) What is the deciding factor in what I will choose? What outcome will stem from it? This card is the final, deciding factor to your question.

Thanks for coming along today. Sending bright blessings your way!

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