The 4 Basic Keys to a Mind-Blowing Psychic Reading

Get Your All-Time Best Psychic Reading!

Contacting a psychic can be a very courageous choice. But once you’ve paid for your package and picked your psychic, how can you make the most of your reading? Well here are a few of my tips to have your best psychic reading ever!

1. It Takes Two

Remember, there are two people working together for your reading—you and the psychic you choose. If you do your part, your psychic is committed to doing their part, but you can’t really do your part unless you are at your best. If your feeling frazzled, I suggest finding a quiet place, clearing your mind, making a list of questions that you would like answered, focusing your mind on your topics and then taking a few slow, deep breaths before you call. Doing this makes you a clear window for your psychic to “see” through and helps them give you an accurate reading.

2. Electricity!

Unlike electricity, a psychic will need more than a second to “see” things for you and your situation. The ability to psychically “see” is not a switch that clicks on because you have called and they have answered. The electricity of a magical psychic reading occurs when you are at your best—calm, focused, prepared and relaxed. The electric flow of clear psychic vision occurs when an appropriate amount of time is provided. Psychics focus hard in order to give you that electrical energy feel within the first few minutes of talking to you.

3. Doubt Equals Destruction

When calling a psychic, being open-minded and open-hearted is always in your best interest. When you call with the thought, “Well, this is never gonna work and they won’t be able to tell me anything new.” You are very likely right. When you call with the thought “I’m not sure what they will tell me but I am open to hear what they have to say. I am listening.” You are very likely to be surprised, and pleasantly so. While you may not hear what you want to hear, if you are really listening you will be given the tools necessary to empower yourself into a healthier situation or outcome whether it’s about love, a career choice, or personal life decision.

4. Lose Control, Have Fun and Let it Flow

Far too often we head into a psychic reading “knowing” all the answers and merely wanting confirmation. Approach each reading with open mindedness and your best outcome will be heading your way. Trying to control a reading and therefore the outcome will confuse you and your chosen psychic. Remember, you called for an honest psychic vision, so have fun and allow the information to flow through you and to your psychic.

There isn’t really one right way to choose your psychics. It’s all based on personal choice. Some folks like to “hear” a voice before choosing, while others prefer to physically “see” a photograph. Some prefer a referral. Any of these are good approaches as long as you have prepared properly before calling. These four basic steps, when followed, can help a caller receive a positive and accurate psychic reading with the best possible outcome.

Remember to relax and have fun!

5 thoughts on “The 4 Basic Keys to a Mind-Blowing Psychic Reading

  1. Tenley

    Very nice job Trinity ! Even those of us that are psychics need to be reminded of these things !
    Thanks for the reminder !


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