How Each Zodiac Sign Needs to Prepare for the New Year

How Each Zodiac Sign Needs to Prepare for the New Year | California Psychics

A Grand Conjunction for the New Year

The Grand Conjunction (also known as The Grand Mutation) of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on December 21, 2020–which is also the time of the Northern hemisphere Winter Solstice–ushered in an amazing 2021 New Year for us all. According to astrologer Susan Miller, “The Grand Conjunction sets the tone for the ethos for the next 20 years affecting the arts, music, theatre, literature, entertainment, designer fashion, food, music, mathematics, science, politics, and the government agenda. In other words, everything!”

Age of Aquarius

Exact start times may differ, but according to many gifted astrologers, the Age of Aquarius is here now, and with seven planets entering Aquarius early in 2021, it promises to have an electrifying effect on you and everyone on Earth. Add in the magic and enchantment of 2021 being a 5 year and you can prepare for this wondrous new year by aiming for big goals, for you are certain to achieve astonishing success! One way to do this is to set resolutions, which is another way of saying set your intentions, which can be powerful stuff. It’s like you’re making a blueprint for the year so you can build it the way you want it to be. Build a more complete picture for yourself by reading your sun, moon, and rising sign as you discover how each zodiac sign needs to prepare for the New Year.

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Best Resolutions for Each Zodiac Sign


Let hope spark the flame of your heart’s desires, Feisty Ram, for you now manifest the majority of them. Especially when you resolve to get more involved with your community and be a hero to both friends and strangers, for many strangers are just friends you don’t yet know.


Carry on with your resolution to build big, O Mighty Bull, and watch your empire soar this year. While you prefer to do things in your own deliberate, thoughtful, and careful way, now you will be willing to take some well-calculated risks that catapult your career skyward.


Stick with your resolve to shine brighter, Twinkling Twins, for now you will make an impact with a zing in everything you do. Watch how your scintillating skills in conversation sparkle more than ever, and keep reading, learning, and growing, for your mind will expand in ways not before imagined.


This promises to be a year of joyful freedom for you, Dear Crab. Resolve to nurture yourself more now and let yourself out to play. Some happy changes await you, many of which you’ve long tried to make. Bliss will be your reward as you nestle into extreme self-care this year.


Get your roar on, O Powerful Lion, for this year you will truly feel you were born free to roam and rule all the realms. Polish the jewels in your crown, for you will achieve great things now. Your resolution to have ecstatic mutual glee in your love life will be particularly fulfilling.


See your big plans manifest at last, Determined Virgin, as you roll up your sleeves and dig in to work with passionate zeal. You will find yourself more flexible and adaptable, ready to take it all on. Just resolve to let yourself get needed rest, healthy nutrition, and lots of playtime.


You will feel a wonderful sense of balance this year, Gentle Child of Venus, especially with your resolve to keep both work and play time equal so you can thrive. You will be pulsing with high energy, excited to successfully use your creative ability to make all things more lovely.


You are a shooting star, Sweet Scorpion, and this year fulfills your resolve to manifest the greatest desires of your heart, bringing you blessings in romance, finance, home, and healthy well-being. You are coming into your own as you breathe beautiful life into your visionary ideals.


Aim high in your New Year’s resolutions, Brave Archer, for you’ll hit the bullseye on targets you point your arrows at now. You’re a world-class communicator, but you have felt an inner nudge to do more empathic listening. What you learn from this can bring you stunning breakthroughs.


You reach more than one mountaintop this year, Steadfast Goat, which brings you gratifying rewards, allowing you to roll in that enticing green money-clover you worked so hard to cultivate. Your resolve to climb to even higher heights proves lucky in helping you help others, too.


Prepare for the time of your life this new year, Lovely Water Bearer. You are ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, and 2021 adds abundant blessings of love and support from Jupiter. This is your moment to shine on center-stage like the star you’ve always known yourself to be. Saturn pours rewards freely on you for all of your hard work and Uranus helps electrify your inner soul, so you glow like the sun. Resolve to stand firmly in your power, and you can manifest anything you want now.


You swim as gracefully as a school of glittering piscine beauty under the sea into the good life this year, you Darling Fish Pixie. Especially as you resolve to trust in your loving heart and kindly set yourself free from old heartaches and disappointments. Accept the love and joy you so deeply deserve.

Trust in the Promise of the New Year

As you can see, you can prepare for a blissfully exciting, magically freeing, and wonderfully rewarding New Year just by making up your mind to set your intentions and enact your powerful resolutions.

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