Pretty People are Unlucky in Love too!

Too Beautiful to be Loved?

Believe it or not, you have something in common with Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson and Drew Barrymore—you’ve all been unlucky in love. Yes, love is the great equalizer for the beautiful and the average. If you think not seeing a personal trainer five times a week, not getting your nose fixed or not springing for invisible braces has contributed to your romantic doom, you’d be wrong. In fact, not doing these things could have the opposite effect. That’s because your average looks and imperfections make you seem more down-to-earth, friendly, approachable and caring than so-called beautiful people.

If you’re home alone on a Saturday night, there’s a good chance the hot Pilates instructor down the hall is crying into her glass of wine while watching The Notebook. (Maybe you should invite her over.) If your mom sent you flowers on Valentine’s Day, there’s a good chance the leggy receptionist at your office is diving face first into the five-pound box of drugstore chocolates she bought herself at 3 a.m. along with her generic shampoo and razors.

Just because a person is attractive doesn’t mean they don’t have romantic problems of their own. I know what you’re thinking in that sarcastic head of yours: Let’s break out the world’s smallest violin for all the hot people. They get the best of everything already, so why not give them my sympathy too? Well, believe it or not, being a beautiful person can be disadvantageous. Here are some negative assumptions people have made about attractive people. Are you guilty of any of these assumptions?

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Beautiful People are Unapproachable

Can you imagine people not wanting to approach you just because of the way you look? How about people not wanting to talk to you because your appearance intimidates them and makes them feel bad about themselves? Attractive people don’t get asked out on dates more than anyone else because people assume they are already taken and if they are single, any potential paramour may assume this person is out of their league. Imagine how lonely it feels to have people not want to talk to you.

Beautiful People are Self-Absorbed

Some people are just born attractive, while for others being beautiful takes a lot of work. This is a no-win situation. If someone is born attractive, people think they probably don’t stop staring at their own reflection. And if someone works hard at being attractive, it must mean that they are entirely consumed with their appearance. Everything they eat, drink and do makes them better looking. All they care about is what is on the outside and if others don’t work as hard on themselves as they do, they turn up their perfect noses at them in disgust. Imagine being thought of as mean and judgmental.

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Beautiful People are Cheaters

How can all that hotness be enough for one person? It can’t. In fact, it’s probably too much, which is why a beautiful person will never be able to commit to just one person. They like to cheat and big time (preferably with other beautiful people). Beautiful people aren’t looking for long-term relationships and they don’t believe in commitment. Beautiful women are looking for old, sick and rich men to take care of them. And beautiful men are looking for desperate women with low self-esteem who will take care of them. Or maybe, beautiful people just want to breed with each other and make more beautiful people who will end up rejecting the average-looking people of the future. Imagine not being considered relationship material because of the way you look.

Beautiful People are Dumb

There’s no such thing as a sexy scientist outside the world of pornography. That’s because in real life, beautiful people are stupid. They aren’t smart because they don’t have to be. We live in a culture that values looks over brains anyway, so who cares if you finished college and own your own home. If you can’t bounce quarters off your abs or your bum, you are nothing. Imagine being treated like you’re an idiot. Or better yet, imagine people not believing you when you tell them what you do for a living just because you are too pretty to be a teacher, crime scene investigator, doctor, lawyer, etc. Or still better yet, people assume you became successful through scandalous methods.

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Now don’t you have just the slightest bit of sympathy for beautiful people? Okay, maybe sympathy isn’t the right word. But, maybe now that you’ve seen how difficult love can be through their beautiful eyes, you realize that their situation isn’t so enviable. After all, what’s the point of being a pretty package if you can’t get anyone to unwrap you?

15 thoughts on “Pretty People are Unlucky in Love too!

  1. Jay

    Well then again which it is unfortunately with the kind of women that we now have out there is the Real Reason why many of us Good men are still Single today.

  2. Kitty

    LMAO …this all is of course satirical?
    CORRECTION:As a “beautiful person” I don’t want an old sick and rich man to take care of me..he has to be healthy relatively young and wealthy to take care of me.

  3. Barbara

    I live in Los Angeles and am in my mid-20s. I’ve lost count of how many times people have assumed that I’m a model or aspiring actress, only to be surprised (and in some cases, not believe me!) to learn that I write about technology for a living and have just started working towards a Masters degree in psychology. I don’t think my occupation necessarily makes me smart, and I do believe there are many different kinds of intelligence. However, I do loathe the notion that people who are considered “beautiful” are dumb.

    That said, I have tons of friends and a great social life, but sadly, my love life has always been lackluster. I’ve dated, but now at age 25 I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never actually had a boyfriend 🙁 In college, I was always that girl that guys wanted to hook up with (though I hardly ever fell for it, as I loathe that feeling of being used just for my body), but I didn’t actually get asked out that much. The same thing happened in high school, though NOBODY asked me out then. Again, lots of friends, but severe lack of romantic relationships. My female friends have all told me how, when I’m not around, our guy friends will talk about how pretty I am. Well if this is really the case, WHY do guys in general not ask me out?? Or when I try to talk to guys I like, they seem to shy away. I guess this article sheds some light on the subject, but seriously, it is beyond frustrating. And depressing. I sure hope I don’t stay single for the rest of my life :/

  4. Offended

    I agreed (note: past tense) with this article in the beginning, and maybe to some extend. I get where these generalizations came from, but they are just that – generalizations. I am beautiful – I’m told it all the time, and I see it in the mirror. You know what else I’m told? That I’m really smart – a long history of straight A’s, an amazing job at a fast-growing company, and a boss who proudly speaks on his faith in my professional capabilities all tell me that I’m smart. Self-absorbed? Don’t make me laugh. All my friends, every psychic I’ve ever spoken to, and again, my boss, all tell me I need to stop worrying so much about everyone else and start taking better care of myself. Cheater? I’ve been cheated on many times, I would never do that to someone, even though the opportunity has presented itself many, many times – so maybe it’s more fair to say that beautiful people have more opportunities to cheat. The only thing I’ll give you any credit for is the “unapproachable” comment – and aunt of mine told me from as early as I can remember till she died 4 years ago that if she didn’t know me she’d be afraid to approach me, although she never said whether it was because I was too beautiful.

    I get that you’re trying to make average-looking people feel better, but you can do that WITHOUT shaming good-looking people. This article started off with a good tone, assimilating average people with glam celebrities, but took a turn for the worst when you started asserting negative qualities just because someone is beautiful. Maybe you need to clear up some underlying resentment toward good-looking people for whatever psychological and self confidence issues you’re clearly harbouring, because that’s the only reason I can see that someone would make such striking and hurtful generalizations toward a group of people as a whole – isn’t that how persecution begins, anyway?

  5. JustMerou

    This is very spot on. I’ve felt the pain in my life of being seen as a sexual object rather than a person and judged by my looks rather than having someone get to know me. So much wise advice and encouragement here.

  6. Absolutely Right

    well there are certainly not that many good women to meet these days either, since many of them have certainly changed for the Worse.

  7. gsdmom

    Thank you Jelisa for commenting! The author clearly states in the last two sentences of paragraph three “Here are some negative assumptions please make about attractive people. Are you guilty of any of these assumptions?”

    For those who do not know, an assumption is a thought or belief assumed to be true without basis in fact.

    The four points listed under the bold headings are the assumptions many people make. The author in no way stated that these are true.

    Please read carefully before assuming you know what their point was.

  8. Jelisa

    I think a lot of you are missing the point of the article. It is talking about common stereotypes associated with beautiful people and how it’s wrong to think that way. The author says that making these assumptions is wrong in pretty much every paragraph (which you would see if you read carefully). The author isn’t perpetuating these stereotypes, nor is she saying she agrees with them. She is saying that it’s unfair to make these assumptions and that they AREN’T true.

  9. Coral

    I think that this article is very ignorant and unfair. This person is basically saying that if you’re beautiful on the outside, you’re probably self absorbed,dumb, a cheater..etc? Are you kidding me?! Average looking or unattractive people have these shortcomings as well, just as frequently.
    There is no reason to put down beautiful people for the sake of making others feel more secure with themselves. And no, the person in this article isn’t “Telling it like it is.” Because this is so far off base it isn’t even funny.

    I’d go as far as saying, the lower a persons self esteem is, the more prone they are to promiscuous and self absorbed activities because they lack self esteem, and I’m sure everyone as seen it.
    What it all comes down to is the individual and their personal values, beautiful or not. I’ not sure what planet this guy is on, but I happen to know a good deal of beautiful,smart and loving people.
    What a shame!

  10. Dora

    I agree with Alex, & TRacy. Since I was in elementry I was told That I was beautiful and elected Queen for 2 years in a roll. And Junior High most beautyful.
    And I had lots of friends which they always can to me when they needed a friend to talk to!

  11. Alex

    I am usually a strong believer and follower of the California Psychics blogs and of their writers but I felt very compelled to write a disagreeing comment to this specific post. I think its downright idiotic.
    I am a professional model that has worked all over the US along with other parts of the world, I am much more than average looking and I do take great care to maintain my beauty with how I eat, dress, apply make-up and skin care regimens. (to me, taking care of yourself means you have respect for yourself, not that you’re self absorbed.)
    While, I do agree that some parts of this post are true such as, people making negative assumptions of a beautiful person based on how they look or, being intimidated to speak with them or, that they can be self absorbed… but this can be ANY BODY!
    Have you ever seen the closed off girl or man in the room with their arms crossed and an expressionless face? – they seem unapproachable to most also. Or how about the ‘smart’ scientist thats constantly neglecting friends and family because he is so caught up in his own studies – is that not also being self absorbed? What about the ‘average looking’ guy that cheated on his wife? – how often do we see that happen?
    For you to say someone thats beautiful (by societies standards) is “Dumb” is a very stupid statement itself and it makes the person stating it look like the ‘Dumb’ one. How one talks and speaks of others is just a reflection of how one feels about them self.
    Please, think about what you say before you try to influence others.

  12. Tinkerbell

    I understand that there are some advantage and disadvantage to beauty, but I don’t totally agree. Some people are beautiful on the inside and outside, and I think some average and non-average people are insecure that is why they make these ridiculous assumption about beautiful people. When you find a person with both qualities you will have the best of both worlds.

  13. Tracy

    Interesting article. I’m average looking, I guess I would say, but my boyfriend tells me that I’m beautiful inside and out. I was always told that true beauty comes from inside us. You can be beautiful on the outside but if you don’t have the inner beauty as well, it takes away from the beauty on the outside. That is what they mean by beauty is only skin deep. So let’s work on our inner beauty, because looks fade as time goes by.


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