Tantra and You

In our results-oriented Western world, we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses as the old saying goes. And, unfortunately our impatience with the world has even seeped into the bedroom. ... read more

Rev Up Relationship Sex

Martini's aren't the only thing you can spice up. For many couples and single hookups, a new year can be extra special. So why not make it super sexy, too? We've got 11 tips to inspire lovers both in and ... read more

Enlightened Sex Tips

The most important difference between sex and spiritual sex is intention. Enlightened intercourse is still physically pleasurable but it's so much more - you get to connect with your partner on an ... read more

Confidence Is Sexy

If you're wondering how to improve your sex life - or even how to get one started - there's a simple answer that may surprise you. Improving your desirability has little to do with how you look on the ... read more
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Better Sex in 60 Seconds

You're overworked, stressed out, exhausted and for a variety of reasons (above and beyond those three), your sex life is sagging. So, what can you do without exhausting yourself even more to bring the va ... read more

Spiritual Sex

Sex can be so much more than a time-limited physical event that unfolds under the covers and concludes with an orgasm. Your mind and spirit need sex just as much as your body does. By connecting solely ... read more

Obvious Sex Tips

Listen up, lovers. These might seem like really obvious observations to enhance your sex life, but you'd be amazed at how many lovers (all the world over!) don't have a clue. Master these principles and ... read more
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