Seduction, Music and Astrology

Want to set the mood for your ultimate seduction? Each sun signdefinitely sways to a unique beat. For instance, fire signs usuallyprefer a little more pizazz, whereas water signs tend to want mellowertunes. If you’re trying to reach into the heart of a special sun sign,try these musical tips.

Virgo: This seemingly introverted sign just loves a little inspiration – it’s a very literary sign. Let them know you “get” them. Play deep, meaningful music with cerebral lyrics. Aimee Mann, Ludacris and Moby will appeal to intellectual Virgos. Bring sensuality, but keep it spiritual and deep.Whether your mood music starts with your candlelit dinner or is pre-loaded on the bedroom iPod, you’ll soon have this quiet being stirring with passion.

Libra: Always seeking balance and peace, this beauty lover needs harmony and romance to move their sexual center – especially when it comes to background music that inspires. Seduce them with tasteful, classical guitar and piano – or try jazz greats such as John Coltrane. You might try playing the music of their fellow Libras, such as John Lennon and Sting. Use imaginative, charming music to turn up the volume on your lover’s passion.

Scorpio: This water sign is dark, secretive and full of desire. Set the mood with a sultry mix of Brazilian jazz – or go with deep trance music. Try out works by famous Scorpio filmscoring composer Enno Morricone. You might try the later work of Joni Mitchell for a more grounded approach to seduction, and remember that your Scorpio is not afraid of the dark side – so indulge them with melancholy tunes that will evoke greater passion and send them to the comfort of your arms.

Sagittarius: To the archer, the world is but a stage! Famous Sag’s include Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Christina Aquilera, Keith Richards, Bette Midler and Tina Turner… you get the picture. There is nothing subtle here. Break out the big guns for your fire sign! Don’t be afraid to go overboard with strong musical choices. If you’re looking for something mind-blowing but a little mellower, remember that Beethoven was also a Sag. The best-case scenario would include taking them to a concert – they love a little adventure! Give them a taste of the world, and they’ll give you something even better.

Capricorn: Slow seduction is the key with this patient, earthy lover. Shake your hips and lips like Elvis did, or break out some Bowie – another fellow goat. Both of them certainly will bring the power of a seductive voice. Add Annie Lennox and Sade to your soundtrack as you pull your lover out of their day-to-day duties and into a more enticing dream for two. Once you find their favorite song, keep in mind that they will not tire of it. Once it hits home, it will always be on their lips – and in their heart.

Aquarius: This humanity lover needs a mellow – but intellectual – groove to get into the mood for love. Play them solo artists such as Bob Marley (who had the Aquarian societal consciousness your lover appreciates). And don’t skimp on tracks that feature super-sexy beats! This idealistic water bearer appreciates world music, and yearns to hear musicians who are full of heart. Let them know you’re aware of what they want, and they’ll be very aware of you!

Pisces: Dream, dream, dream… George Harrison was a Pisces – aswas Johnny Cash. Jon Bon Jovi is a Pisces as well. Pisces partners adore getting carried away, and their sensitive souls can use some uplifting music. NinaSimone embodies the passionate, emotional style that resonates withthis water sign. You’ll want to tell a story with the music you play for this lover. Once you pull them into that fantasy world, they can let go – and dream of you.

Aries:The Ram is a fighter first, and a lover second. Aries partners are independent andoriginal. They tend to be active, and are generally in the mood to dance – so try music that getsthem moving. Techno anyone? Your intense Aries lover will be impressedby seductive DJ mixes, metal or edgy rock music. Strong drum beats andbass (even underground British drum ‘n’ bass) are sure to add to theirfire. If night calls for something on the softer side, Marvin Gaye andBillie Holiday are each classic, individualistic Aries artists. Their swooning wordsand hypnotic voices should put your high-energy lover right in the mood.

Taurus: This earthy soul is all about fortitude – and deepsensuality. Quiet, stable and truly soft at heart, they may preferromantic background music that helps them to mellow out and relax. If your lover likes jazz, fellow bull Charles Mingus can setthe stage for hours of lovemaking. If they’re more sexuallyenergetic, try Trent Reznor’s dark, erotic tracks in Nine Inch Nails – orexplore French electronic duo Daft Punk. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s along album, because this sign likes to take their time and savor everymoment.

Gemini: An intellectual being, a Gemini needs classicalarias and poignant lyrics to get into the mood – and, just as importantly, to stop talking! The twins needto be entertained and stimulated – and you’ve got to keep up with theirever-changing tastes. Sometimes, they need good house music to relax, and you’ll want to try a variety of styles and songs. FellowGeminis include Bob Dylan, Tom Jones and Morrissey – all seductors intheir own right. Keep the player on “random,” and watch what happens!

Cancer: This sign is not afraid to showemotion, or to let music play up their feelings. Romantic, soothingmusic is the way to go with this sensitive sign. Your moon child will appreciateall those loving lyrics and soft guitar strums – and a nostalgic strain never hurts. Some sensitive Cancermusicians include Cat Stevens, Beck, Carly Simon and the show tunescomposer Richard Rodgers. Choose something heartfelt, andthey will open up to you.

Leo: Think pomp and circumstance… quite literally. Try anythinggrand – whether it be ballroom music, big band, the best British groups,or an excellent chamber orchestra. Consider well-known Leos such as Mick Jaggeror Madonna. You might make the night a little more interesting with some karaoke, as this lion is always happy to take the spotlight. The King of the Jungledoesn’t like to skimp on anything – so lavish them with rich sounds andcompliments!

When in doubt, try music composed or sung by someone who shares your partner’s sun sign. If things go well, neither of you will notice when the music stops!

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