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The Art of Harmony

Some people find harmony by striding down a crowded, bustling urban street, hammering out a deal on their Blackberry. For others harmony is found in silence, space, big trees and solitude. Harmony happens ... read more

Quiz: How Big Is Your Ego?

With the Sun in larger-than-life Leo, the spotlight is on self-confidence. Now, naturally, some signs are more inherently self-assured than others. And no one wants to be obnoxiously arrogant, but everyone ... read more

Why We Need Love

Love. Countless songs are written about it, thousands of books have explored its meaning, and millions pay monthly fees to cyber-cupids with the hope of finding a true one. From our earliest moments on ... read more

Do You Value You?

It's easy to say that you value yourself. After all, your self-esteem is pretty solid. You know that you're smart, capable and loveable... You may even think you're pretty terrific (and let's face it, you ... read more

The Art of Social Success

Are you a retiring wallflower, or an outgoing party animal? Maybe you fall somewhere in between. The art of social success is often measured by how smoothly you navigate the landscape of cocktail hours, ... read more

Your Natural Sexiness

The secret to a new and improved sex life - believe it or not, is within you! And while we all know being sexy does have some external factors involved - namely your appearance - tapping into your natural ... read more

How Loveable Are You?

Are you giving off signs that you're open to love - or repelling it? Inherently, as human beings, we're all loveable. But the simple truth is, the way you feel about yourself has a lot to do with how ... read more

Loving Unavailable People

Oh, why do we love those that can't love us back? It's the agony of romantic comedies, tragedies and endless journal entries. If you are stuck in the sad pattern of falling into relationships that leave ... read more
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