The Power of Innocence

People often assume innocence means naÔve gullibility, but in its true meaning, innocence is the ability to experience life without the distorting filters of fear or cynicism. By tapping into an element of innocence, we are able to approach each moment with a fresh viewpoint, without preconceptions.

The power of innocence is the power of the now, the only reality which actually exists. The future has its seeds in the present moment, not in the past, and if you want to positively affect your future, being fully in the now is crucial.

Leave the past behind
Most people, from the time they reach their teens, spend an incredible amount of mental space on resentment of the past and fear that the future will be a repeat of the past, or worse. When anger over the past and fear of the future dominate your thoughts, you literally can’t see the present as it is. And if you’re not seeing what is, you’re missing all the important information!

Also, originality and creativity spring from the spontaneous, unconditioned viewpoint of the innocent. Just imagine the amazing things you could do with a regular, infinite source of out-of-the-box ideas, not just at work, but in any part of your life.

Even more important, is that when you’re willing to let go and play or dream as an innocent, you can release your worldly cares and believe in miracles, even if only briefly. This is an incredible approach to problem solving. Miracles begin to take form as soon as your mind and heart are open to them for as little as 16 seconds, according to the Law of Attraction.

Tap into innocence
You can regain innocence as an adult in two ways. Many people spontaneously access innocent because they know they can successfully meet life’s challenges with it. Therefore, they are free of the constant worry and fear which distracts so many of us. This self-confidence allows innocent to emerge. But if you haven’t developed that core of confidence, or you’re going through a bad patch, how can you coax your “inner innocent” out to help you out?

Rather than putting on the rose colored glasses of the naÔve person (in other words, attempting to transform a harsh reality by ignoring it) try imagining you have a pair of “innocent glasses” on instead. Now, imagine the moment when the image concealed in a puzzle picture finally pops out at you. With a little practice you will begin to see the things hiding in plain sight behind your assumptions.

Nurture it
The more you work and play with your inner innocence, the stronger the bond will be. Approach each day ready to play – daydreaming, indulging in silliness, laughing with gusto, planning surprises. Try taking innocence breaks during the day to open up your perspective, or even invite people you’re working with on a project to take an innocence break with you. Tell them you’re introducing a new brainstorming technique to get them started. Turn business protocol on its head and watch the great ideas tumble out!

The spontaneous present moment is loaded with information, ideas and possibilities, if you can just see it. Whether you activate your innocence through confidence built on life experience, or through the exercise of your imagination, you will have reawakened one of the most powerful, creative and delightful parts of your psyche!

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