How Loveable Are You?

Are you giving off signs that you’re open to love – or repelling it? Inherently, as human beings, we’re all loveable. But the simple truth is, the way you feel about yourself has a lot to do with how you’re perceived as a potential partner and your success in attracting (and keeping) an appropriate mate.

Take our quick quiz and find out if you’re really as ready for love (energetically) as you think you are!

1. In terms of relationships, I see myself as…

  1. A catch. I don’t really stress about love. I have a lot to offer and am excited to share myself. (10)
  2. A wallflower. I’m always in the wedding party. It seems like I’ll never find someone to care about me. (0)
  3. Relationships can be tough for me, but I’m working on that and most of the time I think there is, ultimately, a match for me. (5)

2. Dating is…

  1. Frustrating sometimes, but fun! (10)
  2. A chore. I hate it. (2)
  3. A frantic search for a life mate. (0)
  4. Fantastic. I never want to settle down. (5)

3. My attitude about taking care of myself physically is…

  1. Screw it. The right person will love me just as I am. (5)
  2. It’s everything. If I’m not attractive, how will I meet someone? (0)
  3. It’s important, but not everything. My aim is to do the best I can. (10)

4. The idea of spending my life alone makes me feel…

  1. Desperate. Which is pretty much how I feel all the time. (0)
  2. Nervous. I mean, I like my life, but I’d really like to be with someone. (10)
  3. Nothing. Who cares? I’m fine on my own. (5)

5. True or false: I have a sense of humor about myself.

  1. True. I try not to take myself too seriously most of the time. (10)
  2. True. My life, after all, is a joke. (0)
  3. False. I’m embarrassed about my shortcomings, but I’m working on not being so hard on myself. (5)
  4. False. What’s so funny? (0)

6. I believe I deserve happiness – and feel it in my heart.

  1. Always. (10)
  2. Sometimes. (5)
  3. Never. (0)

7. True or false: I have a long checklist of qualities I expect in a partner.

  1. True – absolutely. And why wouldn’t I? (0)
  2. True – sort of. I mean it’s not long. But there are a few things I know I want. (10)
  3. False – I’ll take anyone. (0)
  4. False – That stuff goes out the window when you fall in love. (5)

8. Sexually, I am…

  1. Open but selective. (10)
  2. Ready any time any place. (5)
  3. Disinterested. (2)
  4. I use it to get what I want. (0)

Keeping yourself down (0-24 Points)

The reason you’re not succeeding in love is not that you’re not loveable, it’s that you don’t feel good about yourself. As such, you won’t attract a mate who feels good about you (or themselves!). As cliché as this sounds, no one can complete you, other than yourself! The good news is, provided you take the necessary steps to uncover some inner truths, you can change things, starting with the way you feel. It’s time for some soul searching. Where do your self-doubts come from? What can you do to prove yourself wrong? It takes courage to break bad patterns, but you can do it. Only by working from the inside out, will you discover a new outcome.

Room for improvement (25-56 Points)
There’s no doubt that you know your own worth… most of the time. What you may be doing however, if you’re having trouble mating and relating, is erecting barriers without realizing it. If your checklist for love is too long (or non-existent!) you’re setting yourself up for failure. Life is a reciprocal activity between you and the universe. You will only get what you give. And that goes for love, too. Work on giving as well as receiving, or receiving as well as giving – only you know which you tend to favor. Sometimes, we can confuse self-interest with being in tune with the world. Creating your own reality in love includes being open to someone else’s.

Giving off love (57+ Points)
You’re confident. You’re self-sufficient. And yet you’re open to letting someone in. Congratulations, you’re giving off love – and lovability. Always remember that everyone has imperfections though, including you. A little “go with the flow” goes a long way!

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