Why We Need Love

Love. Countless songs are written about it, thousands of books have explored its meaning, and millions pay monthly fees to cyber-cupids with the hope of finding a true one. From our earliest moments on earth, the quest for love begins.

Infants instinctually seek out sustenance, yet beyond the call for milk and diaper maintenance babies long for touch, affection and interaction. Simply put, they need love. And, when that need is not satisfied, a baby’s ability to socially develop is impaired.

Fortunately for us, one of the greatest things about love is that it comes in many shapes and sizes and can be defined in different ways. Romantic love consumes much of our efforts, but the love of family and friends is equally meaningful when it comes to sharing tender moments and coping with life’s hardships.

Read on to see why we see love as the ultimate commodity…

The big picture
Love provides all of us with comfort as well as a solid foundation for our endeavors. When we love others, and know that they love us in return, things like coping with a bad day at work, a broken heart or serious illness become a little bit easier because we know that there are people we can turn to for advice, support, and a shoulder to cry on.

Along with comfort, love gives us self-confidence. There may be things we wish we could change about our appearance or personality, but love helps us move past our insecurities. It’s a lot harder to beat yourself up over fat thighs or the fact your voice nervously cracked while talking to your boss when you just spent hours at dinner laughing with your best friend.

Love also helps us accomplish our goals. Knowing that there are others in the world that care about what we do is a great motivator. Whether you’re trying to get through a tough class at school or starting a new business, encouragement is one of the best ways friends and family express their love for one another.

Its true value
Love gives us the emotional and intellectual strength to become people of good character. With the exception of anarchists and sociopaths, most people strive to be good citizens of the world. Simple acts such as recycling or helping an elderly neighbor take out the garbage make us better people. Being honest and kind gives us integrity.

People who have love in their lives are happier overall. They are more tolerant, willing to help others, and show more understanding. These are the very qualities that improve our character and make us better individuals.

When we share our lives with others, we also share our emotions. And, while relationships of any kind are complex and often times challenging, they teach us the value of patience, sacrifice, and loyalty. In turn, love is enriched when we bring these attributes to our relationships. It’s an amazing exchange of positive energy, and it’s brought to life by love.

As a motivator
Love helps us prevail in hard times. There’s nothing better after a long, hard day than to fall into the arms of someone you love. Life is wrought with challenges – some that cause minor stress, others that change us irrevocably, such as the loss of a family member. In times of crisis and despair, love is the difference between being able to heal and overcome or succumbing to depression.

It’s normal for those who’ve suffered serious illness and debilitating pain to become hopeless. However, love is what gives people the strength to endure painful treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy. Love is what gives us the will to live against all odds, and what instills hope for a brighter future.

In recent days, job loss and economic difficulties have affected many across the world – you may even be one of them. It’s important to recognize that having fewer material items doesn’t mean you are less of a person. If you surround yourself with people who love and want the best for you, you’ll find the confidence you need to rebuild your life and uncover new dreams.

Love has always been, and will always be, the great equalizer. All the money in the world is no substitute for this all-powerful life force. Love begets laughter, happiness, and passion. Love inspires us to dream and have fun. Love connects us to all that is good in this big, beautiful world of ours.

So fill your life with love by cultivating strong, affectionate relationships with family, lovers, friends, and pets. For although we won’t die without love in our lives, love is the one essential measure that gives true meaning and value to our existence.

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