Quiz: How Big Is Your Ego?

With the Sun in larger-than-life Leo, the spotlight is on self-confidence. Now, naturally, some signs are more inherently self-assured than others. And no one wants to be obnoxiously arrogant, but everyone needs a certain degree of belief in themselves to succeed. The key is striking a balance.

Where do you rate on the self-esteem scale? Take this quick score-it-yourself quiz to find out:

1. You’ve been hoping for a promotion for, let’s see… years? And you’ve earned it. When the news is announced, your coworker grabs the brass ring and you get a “you’re up next.” You think:

a. “Okay, I’m disappointed – but I’ll just have to work harder on my weaknesses, and promote my strengths.”
b. “Are you kidding? That job was mine. Somebody must have it out for me!”
c. “I’m not surprised. It’s not like I ever had a shot, anyway.”

2. You’re at dinner with friends and conversation is flowing. Your role?

a.I like to think I add something to the conversation – but I want to hear what’s going on with everyone else, too.
b. Let’s face it, I do most of the talking… but no one seems to mind!
c. I don’t really have anything to say most of the time. My friends are much more interesting than I am.

3. When it comes to relationships, it’s…

a. All about compromise… even though sometimes it kills me!
b. My way or the highway… after all, don’t we all deserve to get everything we want?

c. Well… even though I don’t really like admitting it, I can be a doormat.

4. Describe your style…

a. Uniquely my own. Some trendy stuff, and some stuff that just looks good on me.
b. Eye-catching. If not the latest fashions – then the greatest!
c. I go with whatever everyone else is wearing. No need to stand out.

5. I compare myself to other people…

a. Sometimes. I have strengths and weaknesses like everyone else, but generally I feel pretty good about myself.
b. Never. Because I usually stand out.
c. All the time. And I pretty much always fall short.

6. When something goes wrong, I…

a. Try to assess the situation and see how it can be avoided next time.
b. Look for whoever is to blame… and hope it wasn’t me.
c. Apologize. Even if I’m not to blame, I should have been able to prevent it.

7. You’re out with friends and someone catches your eye. You…

a. Smile, nod hello, and maybe send over a drink. If they’re interested, they’ll bite.
b. Either completely ignore them, knowing they’d be unable to resist me, or walk straight up and ask when we’re going out. Depends on my mood.
c. Blush… and do my best not to draw attention to myself.

8. When I get attention, I usually…

a. Feel good about it. Unless it’s for something I did wrong.
b. Am not surprised. I’m used to the spotlight.
c. Find myself embarrassed. I hate being on the spot.


Mostly As: Calm and confident… just right!
Your sense of self is healthy, and your ego is in check. You have enough confidence to speak up for yourself and go after what you want, but this is tempered by the humility to recognize that – like everyone – you have both strengths and weaknesses. Odds are, people see you as strong and hard-working, but not demanding or aggressive. You hold your own in relationships, and you know how to give as well as receive. All of this is good news, leaving only one ego-related area of caution: be careful not to see yourself as super-human. In other words, in your desire to maintain an even keel, understand that some things are bound to get to you. You’re allowed to feel emotions – they don’t make you self-indulgent, or imply a lack of self-control.

Mostly Bs: Cocky and presumptuous… ego overload!

No one will ever accuse you of being modest. While it’s true that knowing your own assets is a good thing, the odds are that you turn a blind eye to most of your limitations. You may do this because you see admitting your soft spots as weak, but the opposite is true. The truly great among us rarely separate themselves from others. They let their actions speak for them, and they know when to enlist help, or let someone else have their moment in the sun. Learn to share the spotlight sometimes. Acknowledge the areas where you could use some work, and give credit where credit is due. You’ll likely find yourself attracting more friends, even if you attract less attention.

Mostly Cs: Shy and insecure… time for an ego boost!
You are simply not giving yourself enough credit. Willing to accept whatever is handed to you, you usually assume the worst, and believe you deserve it. That’s simply not true! It’s time to work on figuring out what you want – how you want to feel – and put some guidelines in place to get there. Start by expressing your desires. That’s right – say what you want. Otherwise, how do you expect to get it? Good fortune doesn’t just land in your lap, you have to make it. The odds are, you’ll find yourself feeling stronger and more capable – at work, in relationships, in general – if you become proactive about supporting yourself and your well-being.

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