Signs They’re Good in Bed

Being good in the sack is a gift that a few are born with. Many more
can learn to master the skills involved, but an unfortunate few just
never learn at all. So is there a way you can tell when their clothes
are on whether you should be interested in taking them off?

First, remember that looks have nothing to do with sexual prowess. If you have ever fallen for a chiseled face, only to find that below-the-waist the attraction was tepid at best, you know this to be true. Some beautiful people are just plain frigid, and no amount of coaxing can get their passion to ignite. Being great-looking has afforded them the luxury of not having to be vulnerable – and if there is one thing you have to have to keep the sheets on fire, it’s having confidence in your own vulnerability.

So, are there any outward signs of this you can pick up on during a date, or perhaps before you initiate a date? Absolutely, yes! Here are the tell-tale signs that they are good in bed…

Shake it, baby!
Look for open body language at the hips. It’s just that obvious. One study in Belgium revealed that sexologists could guess a woman’s orgasmic ability 80% of the time by the way she walked. It’s all about energy, so if the hips are loose and the stride is long, the sexual response is good. And this isn’t too much of a surprise – the strut says a lot. People who like being in their bodies will like being in your body. So if someone is comfy in their own skin – and relaxed – chances are that’s just how they will be in the bedroom. Women who take small steps and keep their legs crossed tightly all the time aren’t going to just open up overnight.

The same goes for guys who close their bodies when they sit, and hunch their shoulders – protecting their hearts. However, guys who stand up straight, exposing their chests and hips in alignment know where their power-center is – and how to use it. Women who let their curves swivel and their legs extend when they walk will be able to wrap their legs around you. You have to be open to open up – so shake your tail feather, and don’t just walk around in the world – strut!

Ah, the past!
People who have a healthy relationship with their own sexual past are usually able to bring it in the bedroom. But people who have feelings of shame around sex usually have issues around intimacy. This can lead to very abbreviated explanations of past relationships and sexual encounters. But people who know the sex was great because they’re great at sex talk about past lovers with a sense of pleasure and reverence.

They also have a healthy understanding of the separation between sex and intimate love. They see sex as a great activity that is a part of intimacy with the right person. The way they talk about their past is the way they are talking about themselves. If they are enriched by their experiences, all the better for you. But if they are secretive about their past, there’s something they don’t want you to know – but if you get naked, you’ll find out soon enough.

The natural order
Look, great sex is not a neat, sterile affair. Things get messy, and so they should if you are doing it right. So if your date is sending back the silverware in a restaurant, worries about germs on the doorknobs and runs when they see a bug – you might have a problem. There is nothing less sexy than anxiety. Everyone gets a little nervous here and there, sure. But if there is a lot of cleanliness to the point of obsession, how can you let your guard down? Getting down and dirty is part of great sex. There is a reason “bad boys” have bedroom hair – they probably just rolled out from a hot romp. So, take a hint from Colin Farrell, and leave your hair on the tousled side. Wear your clothes untucked, and don’t worry if you spill a little sauce now and then.

Now, have we hit it all? Of course not! So, what’s one of the most important tell-tale signs of your sexual future with a new partner? It’s you. Remember, you are half of the dynamic duo, so make sure that you are willing to go the distance – and let it all go when it comes to that mating dance. Everyone knows that having a good dance partner makes you better. So if your lover shows real potential, then give it all you’ve got. Because great sex is like great wine – the potential is there on the vine, and with the right coaxing and care it can be the most delicious and intoxicating experience of your life.

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