Relationship Roadblocks by Sun Sign

Relationship Issues by Sun Sign

Your Sun Sign and the Relationship Issues You’ll Face

Your Sun Sign shows how your personal light comes through—how and where you shine. This self-expression is so essential to your life that it’s a key component in your relationships. Each of you must have complete presence to have the ultimate love between you. As we approach the end of 2014, each Sun Sign is facing particular roadblocks to being the best partner it can be.

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You express your love and loyalty through your actions and you expect your partner to appreciate that this makes love real. Be patient and understand that they don’t quite move at your speed. Allow them to process the “whirlwind of activity” that is your Sun Sign, and then that love can be reciprocated. You’ll see real results and spiritual connection grow between you in 2015.


A weight of worry is being lifted from your special someone. The few years of self-examination and breakthroughs they’ve needed are finally happening for them. Around the December holidays they’ll begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel in your relationship, and there you are! A magical period of romance and sexy encounters is available for your Sun Sign around Valentine’s Day in 2015.


Your Sun Sign’s love of romance and fun is shifting to a strong desire for something grounded and real. You want those magical moments to become accessible on a regular basis, and you want to make your dreams a reality in both your career and love relationships. After a month of self-examination in January, February begins a time when you can make the magical real in your love life.

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You’ve been learning to assert yourself in your relationship needs, so be proud of how much you’ve accomplished. January will be a time to review how this new self-expression is working for you and to complete these communications. This creates an important breakthrough for that passionate, loyal lover to appear in your present, or a new partnership.


You have been feeling more positive and free to express yourself and 2015 is your Sun Sign’s year! You’ve been dealing with jealousy in the workplace but don’t worry. You’re in a winning position there and in your love life. Your lover will be looking for a commitment, so consider how this might enhance your future and be clear with them about what you need.


Your significant other has been romantic and loving, but what they want in your relationship seems ill-defined. January is an important time to think and re-think how to best communicate with your partner from the depths of your passions and fears. As “messy” as this may feel to you, it will be freeing for both of you to know the joy of a complete flow of honesty and trust.

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You want to charge ahead on your own and feel free, yet you naturally see yourself in a relationship. You desperately want to please everyone close to you until you wonder if you’ve lost yourself. So when that urge to withdraw appears in January, use the time to process your feelings and needs. Then you’ll be free to really enjoy the romance and fun that follows for your Sun Sign.


While the past two years have been challenging, you’ve built a strong new sense of yourself and a new life. Focus on communications over the next few months to create the relationship scenario you want in life. With your new success in life, you’ll find easier joy in your sex life and romance.


You’re feeling more serious about yourself and your relationships while you’re also enjoying a sense of joy and freedom in your sex life and creativity. Let those two feelings flow together to bring a new reality to your partnerships. What first looks like obstacles will offer new, real opportunities for your Sun Sign in 2015 in life and love.


You have been going through several years of self-examination and major insights, and see yourself as an agent of change in both your career and your personal life. You are sensing the power of your personal and sexual energy. You know what you have to offer is important and will settle for no less than a partner who knows your value.


Finally, you’re feeling relief from concerns over a parent and/or your careers. You can now focus on your love life and having some fun. You really want a solid situation where you are free to express yourself within a steady relationship. This should be an excellent time to find this in your present relationship or in a new person, creating positive feelings about love.

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You want true romance. You wish every moment in a relationship could be special and you’ll give up other areas of your life to make that happen. The thing to know is that this is a time when the world is calling on you to put your dreams and ideals into form and share them with the public. This new focus will make any current or future relationships even more fulfilling for both of you.

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