Red Responds: Point Her in the Right Direction!

Jessica in Houston writes:

I’m living with my boyfriend of over a year. After miraculously finding each other, things have done a turn around. I can’t get pregnant no matter how much we try and our finances right now are at a low curve. Is he the man for me and should I keep it going with him or divert to another path, a path that doesn’t involve him as my soulmate. Point me the way!

Dear Jessica,

If you want to live your life with your soulmate, then don’t do a thing. However, if you want to find a man with a little more money, who says all the right things, and five years and two kids from now doesn’t have a clue who you really are – then diverting your path might be the plan for you.

Things are tough for you guys right now. I can see that. I can also see that you are frustrated, and you just want things to be a little easier. Who doesn’t? But there are some loves that really can’t be replaced. In the case of soulmate connections, what you don’t work through and straighten out in this life, you will have to face in yet another life.

There is a lot of unfinished business between you and your boyfriend. This isn’t a relationship that needs to end, it just needs time and work. As for you getting pregnant, all the stress that is in your relationship certainly isn’t helping you to conceive. It just doesn’t feel like it is the right time. Besides, babies are expensive, and it looks like things are going to remain tight around the two of you for the next eight months or so. Things will start to improve in your financial arena this fall, but it isn’t until next year that you start seeing a semblance of financial stability.

With all that you went through to find and be with this man, casually tossing it all away in hopes of finding a better one doesn’t make a whole lot sense, if you think about it. Life isn’t easy, and neither are soulmate relationships. Sometimes the only way to put an end to frustrations and troubles is to face them head-on, and work your way through.

Hang in there. You will have all that you want, but only if you want it bad enough to muddle through the tough times. If things get too hard, you can always leave, but make sure you understand what you would be leaving behind.

Good luck,
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