Patience in Love

In romantic love, there are times when the virtue of patience can play an important role in a couple’s future. As people learn about each other and themselves in their relationships, as the bonds of love grow, it’s not unusual for one – or even both partners to feel anxiety and fear at the overwhelming strength of their intensifying emotions.

They may ask for “time out” from dating for awhile to get comfortable with their feelings, to work through their fears, or to prepare for the future. Of course, the partner left hanging, wondering, and hurt may think that this is really their dishonest way of saying goodbye.

Sometimes, very sadly, Karmystic ext. 9457 reports, she does have to break it to clients that their love’s request for space, really is an excuse to take the easy way out. But in Daphne and Michael’s situation, Karmystic’s spirit guides knew that patience would have its rewards.

Daphne (not her real name) had been a regular client of the Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Empath for some time. Her questions and readings were usually focused around her career and finances. Karmystic had successfully predicted that a friend would ask her to work on a lucrative side project and that she could rent out her guest room to a cousin who needed a place to stay… all of which would help her manage her financial worries. Daphne had never felt the need to inquire about her relationship, which she believed was solid.

“Michael (not his real name) just broke up with me – this morning,” she told the psychic in a mix of anger and sadness one afternoon. “I didn’t see it coming.”

Karmystic looked into their relationship for the first time. The psychic felt an intense bond of love between them. Karmystic understood that Michael had been deeply wounded during his brief marriage and was simply feeling vulnerably in love with Daphne.

“He did say that he just needed to go off and think, but I don’t believe him. Something else is going on,” her caller suggested.

“My guides keep saying ‘be patient’… go easy on him,” Karmystic counseled. “Give him the time he needs… there isn’t anyone else around him.”

“He’s not coming back,” Daphne retorted, still angry, but confident that her boyfriend of two years had backed out of their relationship for good. “I said, ‘Okay, goodbye!’ and just hung up!”

“It’s going to take time, but he’ll be back,” Karmystic insisted. “And, it will be up to you whether or not you actually do take him back.”

The next time Daphne called for a reading, it was because she’d been crying herself to sleep. “I’m not crazy enough to contact him… but do you honestly see him coming back? I keep telling myself, to just move on.”

Karmystic assured Daphne that Michael would eventually make the effort to get back together. She also warned Daphne that when men back off out of fear, a woman’s anger can be so harsh that they actually drive them away again. “Men really are from Mars. If he does contact you, don’t call him back immediately,” the intuitive counseled. “Give yourself time to think through your feelings and decide what you want. Don’t let your anger send him away.”

“If he is coming back, when will it happen?” Daphne asked.

Karmystic knew it would still be awhile, hearing the words “spring back” from her guides.

Daphne admitted that she didn’t have much hope for the situation, saying that she wouldn’t be sitting on her hands waiting for him. Karmystic told her to keep busy, though she didn’t see the likelihood of another important romance coming into her life at this time.

Months later Daphne called Karmystic to say that she had gone out to look at her garden and noticed that the fruit trees Michael had given her as a gift almost a year ago, were in bloom. They made her smile thinking of how he had arrived at her home one day with a truck, the trees and some laborers to help him plant them in her yard, she said. On a whim she took a photo of the flowering trees and emailed it to him with the caption: “They remind me of all the happy times. Thank you.”

He had sent her a text message immediately, asking if he could call her.

Remembering Karmystic’s sage advice about not driving Michael away with her anger, Daphne checked in with the intuitive first for some psychic counseling.

“Nothing is ever set in stone, but you could be together for a long time. Just give him a chance to express himself,” advised the psychic.

“Okay,” she responded happily. I’ll call you back later.”

“I just got news of Daphne and Michael this morning and it made my day,” the intuitive reported. The photo and Daphne’s nostalgic message gave Michael the courage to respond to her email. He thought Daphne had broken up with him… and thought he had sorted things out, he had been afraid to call.

“Do you think he’s the one?” Daphne asked, encouraged by their reconnection.

Karmystic could see the good energy around the couple, feeling that they would be together for a long time. But, a true believer in free will, the psychic reminded her client that the future was up to them.

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