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A business reading can be much like a relationship reading. People call to get the best dates to begin a new business relationship, find out what the future looks like and learn how to navigate roadblocks on the way to successful ventures and partnerships.

A psychic can help callers decide whether to invest in or expand a company and how to find more clients. “I chart companies astrologically, and I get images – even the scent – of a business I’m reading,” explains Kathi ext. 9495, a former employment agency owner who grew up in the metaphysical world.

Lately, she’s been helping Faye (not her real name) muddle through the beginning stages of a fishing and boating business that she’s invested in with her longtime boyfriend, Mack, at the helm. It had been off to a rocky start, after one of the two boats they purchased at auction was stolen.

Will they find the boat? Faye asked the psychic who has a passion for doing business readings.

“It’s been dismantled for parts,” Kathi knew immediately. She also saw that the insurance company would try to “lowball” their coverage of the stolen boat. “Stay strong and you’ll get the actual value of the boat.”

Faye who had consulted Kathi on her relationship in the past, also asked Kathi to do a chart for the business. “I need to light a fire under Mack to get the business going… he has all these ideas about making a six figure income, but so far, he’s not following through. The loss of the second boat isn’t helping things.”

The intuitive consulted her cards, guides and compared Mack’s astrology with the astrology of the business, to get a read on the past, present and future of the small company.

“Don’t purchase another boat or hire a second person until Mack breaks in his business skills. He’s going to have to wear a lot of hats! He prefers driving the boat to pursuing clients for the business. You need to show him the expenses, the loan payments, the insurance, the document fees.

“You’re right. I’ve been doing the finances on my own, because I didn’t want to worry him… and he has suggested hiring someone to do sales!”

“When he sees the financial burden you’re carrying he’ll be motivated,” the psychic assured her caller.

“He has a list of clients but he doesn’t know where to start? Can I run some of these names by you? Can you see which ones will give him business?” Faye asked hopefully.

As Faye went through the couples contact list, psychic Kathi envisioned boats pulling up to docks and money being exchanged between several of the companies and Mack. “Oh, this is good, this is beautiful… I see him married to the business, he’s going to do fine. My guides say this is a good investment, but you’ve got to cheer Mack on.”

When Faye called Kathi back it was with the news that the stolen cabin cruiser had been found stripped and dumped in a swamp. The business owner had held her ground for weeks until the insurance company gave her full market value for the irreparable vessel. And, Mack had already picked up some small jobs, and had a contract out for consideration. “He’s in his first bidding war!” she announced proudly. “I got him involved with the finances and just as you said, he’s now motivated.”

Kathi was thrilled that her insight had been so helpful. “I love the business world and I’m very conscious of the fact that small business owners often don’t know who to turn to when problems or big decisions need to be made.”

“You’re the best psychic I’ve ever read with,” Faye announced to Kathi gratefully. “You see clear right to the heart of things! So, I have a stack of a paper’s and ideas that I need your psychic opinion on. Ready?”

“I’m way ahead of you,” Kathi laughed.

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