• Psychic Judianne

An Emotional Affair

Have you ever had an emotional affair? Maybe you're worried that your partner was having one. Some couples brush them off as a harmless friendship with a person who might otherwise be interesting ... read more

Messages From Mediums

The gift of being a Medium gives our psychics a fascinating look into the world of their callers. They can connect to the other side to bring you messages from loved ones passed, guides and guardians - ... read more

Learning Life’s Lessons

How can we know for sure when we've learned a life lesson? When do we see that we have successfully conquered an obstacle the universe has placed before us - as we move through our spiritual evolution here ... read more

Surreal World

Can you imagine growing up psychic in a family where an outing to buy a first deck of Tarot cards is a rite of passage? Or, being the only child of intellectual parents who were frightened of their ... read more

Lift Your Spirits

So, it's just one of those days, or weeks, when your spirits seem to be off kilter. Perhaps it's a reaction to something someone said or did, the morning news, the call you got from your lover - or maybe ... read more
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