Learning Life’s Lessons

How can we know for sure when we’ve learned a life lesson? When do we see that we have successfully conquered an obstacle the universe has placed before us – as we move through our spiritual evolution here on earth? If, as our psychics say, life is our teacher and the earth is our classroom, how do we know if we’ve passed a particular course?

Mindfulness and awareness are key, our psychics report. If we are examining our lives – watching, listening, reflecting and using our intuition to understand the bigger picture that our troubles and trials are presenting us with – we can then take another step toward our soul’s growth.

Here’s how it works. We know we are going through a life lesson when we are so in the dark about ourselves and the direction life is taking, that it is beyond our comprehension… And, life lessons simply cannot be figured out – they must be endured and experienced. These life lessons are not punishments – they are situations created to help us let go of the things that do not serve our lives or our soul’s growth.

As we journey through life, it is very, very rare that a human soul will learn a life lesson from one trial, our psychics continue. So we can also look at repeating patterns for clues to what our lessons are. If it seems that you just keep attracting the same unwanted circumstances, you can be sure that you are dealing with a very valuable life lesson. Once you have truly learned and integrated a life lesson, you will naturally begin to live from it in a new and different way. You will experience a major shift in perception, and things will shift of their own accord, as if by magic.

The understanding that we have learned a lesson comes to us in different ways, our psychics point out, and they usually come with a sense that something has changed – that life is taking a turn for the better, or that we can finally relax with a sense of knowing.

It ranges from simply seeing that we’ve learned a big lesson – and then we move into a happier state of being, explains Judianne ext. 5129. Or, the obstacles we’ve been struggling with dissolve, Teva ext. 5141 points out.

Many of our psychics add that along with the lesson learned, often comes a need to share it, to teach others and to be of service to those who need help along the way.

But what if we go through the difficult job of learning the lesson, and then live as if we hadn’t? We will just keep getting “whispers” that turn into bigger and bigger wakeup calls from the universe that get us to relearn or to integrate the lesson, Josepha ext. 5170 points out. “In my readings, my guides often work with people who find it hard to see the truth.”

The universe tailors lessons to fit our souls, exactly! What often happens is that we end up repeating the same patterns and failures over and over again, until we are finally so sick of our circumstances that we do anything to change – and that is when we really learn, our psychics say.

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