Lift Your Spirits

So, it’s just one of those days, or weeks, when your spirits seem to be off kilter. Perhaps it’s a reaction to something someone said (or did!), the morning news, the call you got from your lover – or maybe you just woke up feeling that way.

Because every day counts to the spiritually minded soul, you really hate letting your gloomy side take over when you’re facing an otherwise beautiful day. So what can you do besides forcing a smile on your face to try to turn your doldrums around? We asked our psychics what tips they use to turn a mood around.

It’s important to be proactive about your out-of-sorts feelings, especially if you tend to worry, get worked up or affect others easily with your blues. Some of our psychics, especially those who are involved in astrology, look to the heavens first, to see if the stars may be influencing their state of mind.

“Studying and understanding the constantly changing astrological patterns, allows me to adjust, change or ignore what’s happening around me, until the energies change,” tells Alison ext. 9885.

“If a planetary transit is affecting me I can find out how long it will last. And, if I still need a little help with my mood, I have my network of healers and intuitives. I’ll talk it out with one of them, and usually by the time we finish, I feel better. Once the fear that something might be wrong is gone, I can relax and breathe again,” Judianne ext. 5129 reveals.


Our intuitives say that a good talk with a wise friend, confidant or their spirit guides, helps bring balance back to any glum day. “I go to my mom or two trusted friends when I get uneasy,” says Tisha ext. 5145 who also believes that it’s natural to connect with others to gain insight into our feelings. “By commiserating, we naturally come away refreshed,” she counsels.

“When I find myself feeling down, I remind myself that I may have accidentally stepped on the wrong escalator – and fortunately there always is another one going up… Next, I connect with a friend on my special list that I know can support and motivate me – several are also psychic. I am always amazed at my psychic friends’ ability to quickly connect with me. They give me wisdom that creates a swift moment of change for me,” reports Abrielle ext. 9894.

“Thinking positive is a very powerful catalyst for turning things around. I expect things to improve,” tells William ext. 5131. “I always know that I have the choice to be happy or sad, because happiness is within my reach as long as I decide to look for it.”

Our psychics also report that simple activities are highly effective for shooing away the blues – walks, listening to music, as well as anything that requires a simple change of environment topped their lists.

“I actually allow myself a short while to feel down and wonder about what is really going on,” Maryanne ext. 9146 tells. She also finds that the serenity of a bike ride or a walk in nature, a visit to a local farmer’s market, or looking at art, can bring about a change of perspective.

Anasela ext. 5154 swears by the spiritual nourishment of a random act of kindness. “The endorphin release you get back from it is incredible. “Smile, open a door for someone at the market, ask a co-worker stuck at their desk if you can bring back lunch for them… any little thing that helps you focus on someone else and gets you’re mind out of autopilot works.”

Nobody is immune from having a so-so day – and it’s true that usually they just come and they go. The thing is, there’s really no need to walk around feeling a bit blue, especially when you have a busy day planned. Lifting your spirits, our psychics say, usually just takes a little self-understanding.

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