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Can you imagine growing up psychic in a family where an outing to buy a first deck of Tarot cards is a rite of passage? Or, being the only child of intellectual parents who were frightened of their infant’s natural ability to do things that defied logic? What would it be like to wake up morning after morning knowing that your uncomfortable vivid dreams, or even your nightmares, could come true?

A few of our psychics have given us a poignant look at the awakening of their psychic gifts in their early years and the decisive moments when they understood that it was their fate to use their gifts professionally for the common good.

When psychic gifts are somehow incorporated into your DNA and your immediate family members acknowledge your gifts, childhood can run a lot more smoothly for a born psychic than if your gifts scare your parents – or nobody seems to understand you.

When psychic Catherine ext. 5116 was very young she could see spirits in her room that would sometimes speak to her. She had memories of who she had been in past lives and even recognized people from previous earthly experiences. “I learned to keep these things to myself as there wasn’t anyone around me who accepted my experiences. Finally, as a young adult I began to meet others who were open about their gifts… and I learned from them.”

Catherine studied the Tarot and experienced a tremendous growth in her work as she became very aware of her guides and angels. Eventually, knowledge and the understanding that her gift could strongly benefit others who also felt alone over their own issues in life, moved her towards a career of psychic guidance.

Shamira ext. 5125 and her cousin pooled their psychic talents to do parties and fairs together. Her cousin looked into a crystal ball while Shamira read the Tarot. “I just thought this was the best!” After the young psychic lost her cousin to cancer, she decided to lay her cards down one last time professionally. “I will never forget what happened next. One client folded my cards and asked if I could talk to the dead. She had just lost her brother and I was able to give her messages! It was a sign that I was to continue on my own.”

Other intuitives had great teachers who not only helped them to develop their talents, but also ushered them towards their professional destinies. As a member of a Scottish family with a long lineage of psychic ability, as a teen, Teva ext. 5141 used her psychic gifts to help her friends with their love lives. “These readings were fun for awhile, but as I studied and grew psychically, my teachers encouraged me to follow my heart and be of help to a much wider audience.”

The doors to the future of Judianne ext. 5129 were opened with a dramatic welcome by a renowned psychic she had been advised to see. As Judianne was welcomed into her home, the older woman announced, “Oh my God, you are so psychic you should be reading me!” She became one of her teachers at a spiritualist center where she developed her gifts for the next six years.

Choosing a career path is rarely a direct route from talent to professional journey. It requires the study, confidence, leap of faith and passion that all career dreams require to come true.

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