The Real Lives of Psychics

Just like the rest of us, our psychics have varied interests and talents beyond their psychic abilities. Interestingly enough, some have psychic side jobs because they enjoy using their abundant psychic gifts in diverse ways. Many are involved in creative endeavors that tap into another side of themselves, and others are devotedly involved in charitable works when they are not reading on our lines.

“When I’m not working with my clients at California Psychics, I become a “psychic in a suit,” Abrielle ext. 9894 describes. “I consult with business professionals, from attorneys and doctors to artists, to help businesspeople learn to be more intuitive on the job. Not unlike my phone readings, we look at ways to increase success.”

It’s not uncommon for psychics to teach Tarot and other intuitive classes on the side. Anastasia ext. 5167 teaches psychic development to children and adults. She says, “It’s amazing how intuitive children are. I love to validate the wisdom in other people, and I find that being creative in this way keeps me open to higher wisdom.”

Our compassionate psychics also enjoy giving back to the community during their time off, finding the work spiritually fulfilling.

Elaine ext. 5202 , who loves to read for animals — she’s communicated with cats, dogs horses, birds, dolphins and whales — has a therapy dog with whom she visits the elderly and children in hospitals. “We also do community charity work and fundraisers whenever possible,” she relates.

Since a near-death experience, Jacqueline ext. 9472 came to a realization that for her, helping others is an extension of who she is. She dedicates her time to Native American foster children, helping them work through issues of drug and alcohol addiction. “I also find great fulfillment in participating in food and fuel drives to help the Hopi reservation,” she says.

Lucrecia ext. 9326 volunteers her time to read books to children. She states, “Reading aloud to encourage literacy, I believe, is a way of expressing spiritual love, and it helps me maintain balance in my life.”

Many of our psychics utilize their other creative strengths as both income-generators and just pleasure-producing work. It can also help to offset the energies and stresses they deal with as professional readers.

Judianne ext. 5129 , who is also an aromatherapist, is in the process of creating her own line of oils. She also delves into a number of creative outlets in order to help her relax after work. She paints, does floral design and is working on a memoir on her life as a medium.

Judith ext. 9889 , a real estate agent, transitioned from doing readings as a side job, to making it her full-time career. Now, she sings and cooks for the pure fun of it — hosting big parties allows her to indulge in both.

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