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The gift of being a Medium gives our psychics a fascinating look into the world of their callers. They can connect to the other side to bring you messages from loved ones passed, guides and guardians – even your higher self. How do they do it? Do you ever wonder what a Medium sees, feels and hears?

Our psychics share their insights. First, though, it’s important to note that all psychics are not Mediums. And each Medium has a unique personal process for opening the various lines of communication to the spirit world. But one thing is certain – they all believe their gift has a special place in this world, as they are channels of light who bring answers, resolution, insight, apologies, declarations of love – as well as the peace that comes with closure, to those who seek it from the departed.

“I’ve always jokingly told my clients that being a medium is like being an old-fashioned long distance operator trying to connect parties – sometimes the lines are clear, and sometimes there is static. And just like the old-fashioned telephone operator, we stay on the line and can hear the communication between the parties,” Donna ext. 9448 explains. “The difference is, we translate the information for both sides.”

And some Mediums, like Gina Rose ext. 9500, who have experienced near-death experiences, find that their abilities to see, hear and feel the emotions of those on the other side have been enhanced by their connections to that other side.

A Medium’s connection begins as soon as the call begins. Sometimes spirits will arrive in anticipation of the reading, though others appear after a name and a request for their presence is given by the caller. “When I am doing a reading, if there is someone from the other side trying to get a word in, I feel them approach me on my right,” Donna reports. “They sort of tap me on the shoulder, as if to say, ‘Excuse me. I have a message!'”

Courtney ext. 9552 has an initial experience that is more unusual. “The first thing I notice when I connect with the other side is heat. My body temperature increases, and the room becomes hot. My heart begins to beat faster, I may speak more rapidly, and I am energized. I see the deceased loved one in addition to any images they choose to reveal as a means of communicating with the client. I hear words, phrases and sounds – and feel the emotions of the caller as well as the person on the other side.”

Brendalynn ext. 5173 experiences sensations, emotions and images, and hears things in her mind – as if she were remembering something. “But it isn’t my memory, it’s theirs!” To get a sense of how it feels to be a Medium yourself, she suggests, “Take a nice deep breath, and let it out slowly. Think of someone who has crossed over to the other side. Remember their voice in your head? (That’s how I will hear them, just as you do right now.) Think of a time you spent with them. How did that feel? What did you say to each other? What were you doing? What you are experiencing right now is the way I experience a reading. Some things are easily seen or heard – others are difficult.”

Judianne ext. 5129 says she knows a spirit has arrived when she gets chills. “I just let them talk to me, and I relate the information to the loved one. It’s usually an odd bit, at first – but it’s something that means a lot to the caller. They trust who they are speaking to, because the information is so personal. I call this the key -in, which means the connection has been made. I am always amazed at the amount of information they can bring to me for their loved ones.”

Most psychics like to use a gift of Mediumship whenever possible, because they can see the bigger picture of what’s going on with their clients more clearly this way.

“When a loved one passes over, they have a higher understanding of every situation on this planet – they are more evolved,” Jacqueline ext. 9472 asserts. “They truly want to help those still here through challenging times. Callers find their messages meaningful and loving.”

Our psychics tell us there is an incredible sense of honor that goes along with being a messenger between the two worlds. Mediums bring peace to people, our psychics agree. The larger message in these readings seems to be that death is not the end of anything, but rather a transition – and that love never dies.

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