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Today’s Sun-Mars Square

Today's Sun-Mars square can make tempers flare, especially if you have Sun or Mars in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius. Mars is the planet of action and daring. When it's afflicted like it is today, it ... read more
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Scorpio’s Symbol

What does Scorpio signify? Why is this Zodiac sign so magnetic and mysterious? Let's look at its symbol and character traits.
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Venus Enters Libra, Then Mars

As autumn brings crispness to the air, you may find yourself desiring a cozy rendezvous by the fire. But it's not just the cold that has you craving heat. Two read more

Mars Enters Cancer

Mighty Mars is likely to shake things up a bit when it enters emotional, protective Cancer on August 25, 2009. Many of us will experience a bit of anxiety on this day, as watery Cancer begins to cool the ... read more

Venus Goes Mad

Your love life may resemble a roller-coaster ride this month as some erratic Venus transits affect relationships. Venus is currently retrograde in Aries, but it steps back into Pisces for a time before ... read more
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