Mars Enters Cancer

Mighty Mars is likely to shake things up a bit when it enters emotional, protective Cancer on August 25, 2009. Many of us will experience a bit of anxiety on this day, as watery Cancer begins to cool the flames of the red planet’s nature.

Because this temperamental planet doesn’t always surrender its power with grace, the initial transition may be a shock to the system. However, this Fire/Water power struggle will fade, and a balance will be achieved, turning our focus toward family and home before October 17, 2009 – when Mars takes its Cancerian leave.

Homeward bound
Cancer is all about family, and the strength of Mars is likely to make family matters even more of a priority. From cozy gatherings to tough interventions, this blending of energies encourages us to strengthen our family ties by addressing the issues we’ve suppressed or have been hiding behind. Reconnections will be made – and relationships deepened – by expressing our personal truths. Mars gives a boost to Cancer’s need for security, and the strength to throw caution to the wind, allowing healing and forgiveness to begin. Family rifts are likely to become less wide – and parents, children and siblings are more inclined to reunite. Properly channeled, this blending of energies helps us to work through challenges, nurture and reclaim family bonds – and create a safe, loving space.

House proud
Whether you are buying a new home, fixing up an old one, or just moving for a change of scene, the Cancer nesting vibe will be tickling the blood in your veins – and the Mars ingenuity can help save you some change by urging you to tackle some projects on your own. Whether you’re using paint and plaster or flowers and curtains, you will be more inclined to do and create things with your own hands. The Cancer sentimentality may influence your décor, bringing a homier sensibility to your home.

Live to work
Many people know that they spend much of their lives at work, and co-workers can be a kind of family, too. Problems in the office may come to a head, but if you keep your cool these challenges can be worked through. You don’t necessarily have to like your job, your co-workers or your boss – but openings will present themselves that allow you to get these matters off your chest, finding solutions for dealing with interoffice stress. A little camaraderie can make things much better.

Sizzling sex
Mars is the driving force behind our sexual desires, and Cancer infuses that physical desire with emotional power. With Mars in Cancer just shy of two months, there will likely be several nights to remember. Passion and romance will be awakened and renewed, because the Mars/Cancer blend has a knack for helping people to come together physically as well as emotionally. Self-limitations are likely to be recognized, and old hurts and inhibitions can be effectively dealt with and released. From one-night-stands to secured relationships – when Fire and Water merge, the bedroom tends to get steamy!

Mars can be explosive, while Cancer exudes love. The blending of the two brings the opportunity to create a balance. There will be times when it feels like you are the rope in your own private tug-of-war, but this is also an opportunity to discover what works (or doesn’t!) for you.

Mars in Cancer by sign:

Virgo and Gemini will be spending a lot of time inside of their own heads, turning things over and thinking things through. While they will make great strides in improving their relationships, they need to be cautious about trying to do too much, because their energies can become scattered.

Libra and Aries may seem to share parallel lives and challenges, but the lesson for each is to face the fear of failure. Anything is possible when you overcome your own blockages. Help will arrive, if you lower your guard and accept it from those who are close to you.

Scorpio and Capricorn may face power struggles at home or at work, but keeping a cool head brings things into perspective. A little trust can create a wave a change, and cement the bonds of love you are trying to create.

Sagittarius and Aquarius have the right idea, and will address their issues with a humorous edge. These two signs will learn that when you subdue the ego, you truly do live and love from the heart.

Taurus and Pisces will each find a way to get to the core issues that need to be addressed – in themselves and in their relationships. While the process may seem like a big, scary step, the result will be more realistic, with harmonious expectations.

Cancer will have newfound strength, and the focus to see things through. They will be more inclined to take initiative in all areas of their lives, and through their actions they will create great inspiration for those around them to create positive life changes, too.

Leo may struggle a bit during this time, as they try to find a balance between their egos and the loving parts of their natures. Be mindful not to slip into a passive-aggressive pattern, because this is a time to create change – not manipulate those around you.

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