Your LOVECAST™: Avoid Negative People and Situations

Unstable emotional energy can unhinge you at the start of the week, so avoid negative people and situations whenever possible. Flirting fires up passion mid-week. Even better, Venus merges with Mars in sensual Taurus to ignite romance this weekend. It’s all about pleasure!

Week of June 15 – 21, 2009

Gemini: Your boss or co-worker can cause chaos on Monday, so strive to stay centered and communicate clearly. Socializing can bring a romantic interlude mid-week. Wednesday is an especially good day for expressing what’s in your heart. Passion escalates in a serene environment this weekend. Let your instincts out to play!

Cancer: You may be ready for a change of direction on Monday, but don’t make any drastic decisions. Mid-week is a good time to promote your career projects, and look for a moneymaking opportunity on Wednesday. Romance can be found during a group activity or through a friend this weekend, so get out there and socialize!

Leo: Love is irrational on Monday, so don’t bring up any troubling issues with your sweetie. Romance blooms in an exotic environment or during a trip mid-week. Pay attention to your intuition, too. Your expertise can bring kudos at work on Thursday or Friday. Your creativity makes passion percolate this weekend, so access your artsy side!

Virgo: Your significant other may go off the rails on Monday. Use your analytical side to provide some clarity. A conflict can turn into a romantic interlude on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your sensuality is on fire on Thursday and Friday, but it’s your intuition that guides you in love (and other areas). Inventive flirting sparks flames this weekend!

Libra: A coworker or work project can unhinge you on Monday. Take some time off on Tuesday or Wednesday to enjoy a tryst. Good food and music in a natural environment will heat up intimacy on Thursday and Friday. Get out of your head and into your heart (and creativity) to accelerate romance this weekend!

Scorpio: Love seems illusory, and needs a reality check on Monday. Your dynamic side accelerates passion on Tuesday and Wednesday. A twosome turns steamy on Thursday or Friday – if you can avoid a clash of wills. The chances of meeting a compatible partner are strong during the weekend, so focus on manifesting someone special.

Sagittarius: You’ll likely feel emotionally scattered on Monday. Physical exercise can help you stay centered. Your adventurous side draws admirers mid-week, when romance lands on your doorstep. A down-to-earth approach can make love bloom on Thursday and Friday. Intimacy deepens (and heats up!) romance this weekend, if you have a genuine connection.

Capricorn: A misunderstanding can derail romance on Monday, so speak thoughtfully. A lively date at your abode fires up a romance on Tuesday or Wednesday. Enjoy physical delights like a massage and good food and drink to send passion soaring on Thursday and Friday. Create an enticing atmosphere to set love ablaze this weekend!

Aquarius: A money issue can unhinge your relationship on Monday. Witty flirting or a heartfelt e-mail revs up romance mid-week. Your brainpower brings recognition on Wednesday. A scrumptious meal in a sensual setting inspires love on Thursday or Friday. Romance is instinctual/physical this weekend, so indulge in a leisurely massage to build the fire!

Pisces: You’ll get sidetracked easily on Monday. Take some quiet time to get back on track. A show of emotional courage builds romance mid-week, so reveal your daring side. Words from the heart inspire love on Thursday and Friday. An unusual earthy side comes out to play this weekend, when imaginative (and maybe naughty) talk makes passion percolate!

Aries: Some confusion about your relationship (and other things) may mysteriously arise on Monday. Taking some quiet time will increase your clarity. Your powers of attraction skyrocket mid-week! Your sense of humor inspires flirting, and gets results on Wednesday. Your lusty side revs up romance this weekend. Get outdoors to make love bloom.

Taurus: Socializing and group activities may get weird on Monday, so avoid quirky acquaintances. A sexy tryst in an intimate locale makes passion soar mid-week – if you let your adventurous side out to play. Friday is especially hot! Your powers of attraction are irresistible this weekend, when both love and lust are yours to enjoy.

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