Your LOVECAST™: Tempers Flare and Willfulness Heightens

Although passion heats up on Monday, get ready for a wild ride on Tuesday and Wednesday as an abrasive T-cross involving Mercury, Mars and Pluto makes tempers flare by heightening willfulness, argumentativeness and controlling behavior. Take a chill pill and relax! Friday and Saturday aren’t much better for relationships, but a grounded approach to romance will bring harmony on Sunday. Best days for love: Monday and Sunday.

Week of August 24 – 30, 2009

Virgo: Verbal naughtiness sets lust afire on Monday! A trip for two will inspire romance as well. Watch your critical streak on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, when you’re likely to cut someone down to size. A financial snafu may arise as well. Socializing is irritating on Friday and Saturday. Romance is sweet and sexy on Sunday.

Libra: An appreciative gift or gesture inspires romance on Monday. A clash over money or values is likely on Tuesday, and a problem with your boss or work project may arise on Wednesday. Flirting heats up romance on Thursday. Hasty words can get you into trouble on Friday or Saturday. Throwing a party inspires romance or friendship on Sunday.

Scorpio: Your magnetism is irresistible on Monday! A clash of wills can upset your equilibrium on Tuesday or Wednesday, when you’ll be feeling unusually antsy. Your sense of adventure inspires passion on Thursday, so let your daring side out to play. Expressing your feelings is difficult on Friday and Saturday, but heartfelt words inspire love on Sunday.

Sagittarius: A serene outing for two makes passion sizzle on Monday. A past emotional issue that arises on Tuesday or Wednesday may need to be resolved before love can bloom. Your charisma draws admirers on Thursday. Lack of confidence can block love on Friday. Feeling vulnerable may be an issue on Saturday. Outdoor activities attract romance on Sunday!

Capricorn: Friends bring fun and opportunities on Monday, but socializing gets weird on Tuesday. An issue (about sharing?) can disrupt your love life or work on Wednesday. Compromise is the key to success. Relationship chaos ensues on Friday and Saturday, so strive for perspective. Revealing your feelings inspires love on Sunday.

Aquarius: Feelings are hot but complicated on Monday. Family or work stress can unhinge you on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. Try to avoid getting drawn into a debate. Romance can be found during a group activity or community event on Thursday. Strive to resolve the past on Saturday. A natural setting inspires love on Sunday!

Pisces: An exotic ambiance or learning something new inspires love on Monday. An issue over jealousy, power or secrecy can derail romance on Tuesday or Wednesday – strive to stay centered in your own values. A problem that’s been bothering you for a while may erupt on Friday or Saturday. Friends bring joy (and a romantic interlude?) on Sunday.

Aries: Intimacy sets romance aflame on Monday. However, your Mars ruler is likely to cause irritations to escalate shortly thereafter, which may create tension with your partner or family member. Take a breath to get centered if you start to stress out. You’re irritated easily on Saturday, too. Getting physical revs up romance on Sunday!

Taurus: A twosome deepens your connection on Monday. Verbal sparring or a hasty retort can derail your relationship, project or plans midweek through Friday. Be careful while traveling, too. A problem with sex or money may upset your relationship on Friday. Watch argumentativeness on Saturday. Your sensuality inspires lust on Sunday!

Gemini: Your instincts take over on Monday! A compromise is needed with your partner when discussing relationship issues on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is a good time for a romantic rendezvous, but irritations are likely to erupt again on Friday or Saturday. A leisurely massage and a scrumptious meal will heat up intimacy on Sunday.

Cancer: An enticing date will energize you on Monday, so plan some sexy fun with your sweetie! You’re feeling unusually combative on Tuesday and Wednesday, so take some quiet time to de-stress, and stay objective if your partner goes off the rails. Love is challenging on Friday and Saturday as well, but relationship bliss should resume on Sunday.

Leo: You’re feeling sexy and willful on Monday, but a domineering attitude will annoy your partner or boss on Tuesday and Wednesday. Strive to see the other’s point of view. Passion escalates on Thursday. Love may feel blocked on Friday. A past issue can disrupt romance on Saturday, but your helpfulness inspires love on Sunday.

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