Venus Goes Mad

Your love life may resemble a roller-coaster ride this month as some erratic Venus transits affect relationships. Venus is currently retrograde in Aries, but it steps back into Pisces for a time before turning direct and reentering Aries. Then Mars joins the planet of romance to make passion sizzle. Let’s take a look at these influences to give you an idea of what’s ahead in the land of love.

Retrograde Venus is currently pulling us inward and into the past. That means it’s a good time to work out problems in your relationship, but not such a great time to start a relationship with someone new. Retrograde motions favor exploring your inner world, and in the case of Venus, it’s the emotional tie with your partner and how you relate to each other that may need your attention.

Also, an issue from the past you thought had been resolved may resurface for round two. Fortunately, Aries can prompt a quick resolution, but probably not before a collision of wills – Aries can be headstrong – as you struggle to work things out and understand each other. This especially applies to Fire signs Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. On the other hand, Aries is ruled by passionate Mars, so that battle with your partner may turn into a lusty romp in the bedroom. Making up can be fun!

Do your own thing
Venus in Aries is highly independent, so you may find yourself passionately asserting your needs, like wanting more nights out with the girls if you’re a woman, or more guy-time if you’re a man. Or perhaps you want to take a class, volunteer at a community center or take a weekend trip with a friend. Doing your own thing can accelerate your personal growth, if you don’t go overboard and completely ignore the needs of your partner.

Spiritual love
After a jaunt through hot-headed Aries, love turns dreamy when Venus transits back into sensitive Pisces from April 11-24, 2009. Now it’s time to get in touch with the spiritual connection in your relationship. Pisces reveals the subtle, intuitive forces that fuel the tenderness between you. It also gets you back in touch with your ideals as a couple. Remember the first blush of romance when you began dating? Acknowledging why you got together in the first place can reignite the love between you.

Just watch out for the Pisces tendency to overlook problems in your relationship. While Aries faces challenges head-on, Pisces is the sign of denial and can prompt you to hide your head in the sand. Another Pisces trait is fantasy, which can be a blessing or a curse for your love life. Getting creative in the bedroom is a good thing, but fantasizing about the hot new guy in the marketing department isn’t such a good thing if you’re in a committed relationship or value your job! If you’re solo and meet someone you’re attracted to, check them out thoroughly before giving your heart away.

Muse Venus
If you’re an artsy type, the divine inspiration of Pisces makes it an excellent time to work on your creative projects, especially ones you’ve put on the back burner (retrograde Venus can prompt a revisit to projects left unfinished). Meditation or just taking some alone time can awaken your inner muse.

Moving forward – finally!
After six weeks of backtracking, Venus turning direct on April 17 helps with the launch of new relationships. Creative projects that have stalled may also get a green light from forward-moving Venus. If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to think ahead and plan some activities with your partner.

Mars tÍte-‡-tÍte
Mars enters the picture on April 21, when the planet of passion hooks up with the planet of love to heat up romance. Because the merger takes place at the last degree of Pisces, it fires up fantasy as well. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be especially inspired in the romance arena. Then Mars transits into Aries on April 22, followed by Venus two days later. The pair continues their romp over the next few days, which energizes romance (and arguments) once again, especially for Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Courageous expressions of feelings are favored now.

Whether you’re game for some energetic encounters or craving a more sensitive connection, this month’s Venus transits will make sure there’s never a dull moment. Plus, they offer a little something for everyone. Just be sure to enjoy the ride.

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