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Who is Your Spirit Guide?

I’d like to ask you something I’ve always been curious about. Does everyone have a Spirit Guide, and is your Spirit Guide always someone you knew previously? Sheryl from Florida Dear Sheryl, ... read more
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Guardian Angel of Balance

No matter the concern - career, home, material realm, physical health, or the spiritual self - Dokiel is the angel to invoke to read more
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Caring for Crystals

Now that you’re familiar with some of the psychic and spiritual uses for crystals (see Part I in my crystal series for a refresher), you can start using them to empower yourself! For instance, say ... read more

Ask Your Spirit Guide

I have had my own business for five years, it never did get off the ground. I am in tremendous debt because of it. My business partner and I have decided to close the business. She is broke, so the ... read more
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