Communicate With Your Guides

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Sometimes it’s something you heard on the way to work, or sometimes it seems to arrive from nowhere. Ever wonder where it came from? It may just be your spirit guide (perhaps a grandparent or friend who has passed on) communicating with you.

They may want to alert you to something or get you to acknowledge something you may be ignoring. Many of us feel like the spirit world is far from us, rarely accessible in dreams and never accessible during waking life except through psychics. Yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone was born with a spirit guide to help them grow into their potential.

Ordinary life decisions like choosing a job that pays the bills rather than following your dreams, or marrying someone for convenience, money or childbearing rather than for love, choosing to stay in your safe hometown rather than follow your desires to live in a new city… any one of these can dampen the connection between your spiritual guides and conscious mind. Try the following steps to stay connected to your guides:

Be honest
How do you begin to open those channels? First, if you have taken steps in your life that have dulled you, simply acknowledge the truth of it. The spirit lives in truth, and by speaking the truth to yourself, you’ve opened the door to hearing your guide again.

Tune in
Another thing to recognize is that your guide may have encouraged you in the past to do things that you thought were risky – perhaps to follow your dreams into the unknown. This may have made you unwittingly tune that information out. Tune back in by accepting that you can hear your guide and still make your own decisions, even deciding to stay stuck, if that suits you. Again, it’s being honest with yourself that opens the conduit to deeper conscience and guidance.

No coincidences
As you begin to open those psychic doors, pay attention to “random” coincidences. Start looking for the underlying meaning behind the song stuck in your head, or in that vivid dream – spend time reflecting on what issue it might have brought to light. Sometimes the guidance is unmistakable if the song is, “These Boots Are Made for Walkin” and sometimes it will be more subtle. Perhaps it’s a dream about a time when you faced a similar situation.

Messages from beyond
As you give your spirit guides more attention and they realize you’re listening, the messages will come more frequently – in different forms and with more clarity. Dreams, epiphanies, unusual thoughts, telepathy, electrical abnormalities such as lights flickering or a radio turning itself on may be ways they are communicating with you. Spirits can also communicate through animals. If you’re approached by an animal that has meaning for you, or if a butterfly alights on your shoulder or a rare bird perches on your windowsill, this may be a communication intended to encourage and reward your efforts to connect.

Write on
Start a notebook where you can jot down these occurrences. Add any insights or intuition that hits you when you think about them. Keep a record of how you have applied what you’ve learned to your everyday life. You’ll be surprised when you look back at what you have learned! Also, if you are getting a psychic reading, ask your spirit guides to join you.

Don’t hesitate, the best guidance and the most profound wisdom is available to you through your own heart and the help of a spirit guide.

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