Your Spirit Guides

Every culture and faith has the idea of a guiding spirit that can be accessed for secret wisdom, guidance and spiritual vision. Whether you call this a spirit guide, your inner voice, a guardian angel, “spirit” or highest good, it’s important to know how to tap into this important knowledge.

Start by making sure that the name you choose to draw upon this magical source of assistance seems natural to you. Once you’ve defined what you’re seeking, you can go about creating a situation that allows you to connect to your guide and get the messages waiting for you.

Here’s how:

1. Find a comfortable time and a quiet place where you can feel calm and relaxed without being disturbed for at least 30 minutes.

2. Next, using a compass, place four white candles (in fire safe holders like votives) at each of the cardinal direction points – North, South, East and West. Space them a few feet apart – widely enough to sit safely and comfortably inside them. Light the candles and settle carefully inside this magical space you’ve created.

3. Focus on your mind’s eye (or third eye point) and picture a glowing white light that radiates from your heart out until you are enclosed in a perfect sphere of light. It should extend from your heart to the border made of candles, above your head and below you. When the image feels complete, sit for a moment and enjoy the warmth you’ve created.

4. Now, it’s time to meet your guide. Visualize yourself walking down a white stone staircase onto a moonlit field. At the end of the field is a thicket of trees surrounding a small clearing with two large flat rocks. Sit on one rock, safe in the knowledge that you are protected and about to meet your guide. Close your eyes and ask your guide to come to you.

5. In a few moments, you should hear footsteps coming towards you. Open your eyes and greet your guide. It may initially take an unexpected form, an animal, or a person – it’s not unusual for your guide to change shape over time. Greet your guide and thank them for coming.

6. Ask your guide to present you with three symbols that are important for you to consider at this point in your life. When you are handed each of the symbols, accept them with gratitude and without judgment. Examine them carefully and then return them to your guide. Thank them for their guidance and help. Say goodbye.

7. Now, retrace your steps from the clearing in the trees, through the field and up the stairs. After you’ve returned to your white sphere in your safe, comfortable room, sit quietly with your eyes closed for a moment before stirring. Then open your eyes, draw the white light back into your heart, carefully extinguish the candles and put them away.

8. Write down each of the symbols given to you by your guide. Describe them in as much detail as possible. Set your notes aside and return to them in a day or two. This will allow your subconscious to work on the symbols. Next, sit down and write about what they represent and what they reveal about your life. This should provide you with startlingly clear insights

In future visits with your guide you can ask direct questions. Remember to always be polite, gracious and grateful for the help you’re given. Over time you will learn how your guide communicates and you will get more profound results from your visualizations. Soon, you’ll have established one of the most important relationships of your life – your personal relationship with spiritual wisdom.

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