Ask Your Spirit Guides: The Queen of Diamonds

Cindy writes:

Last night, I had a dream. I was with a nice man who was pleasant and very comfortable to be with, yet I was just getting to know him. Just after I awoke this morning and was remembering the dream, my guides came in and told me that “if you would have had just an ordinary dream, it would not have been necessary to address, but because the Queen of Diamonds is in your hand, we need to clarify for you the significance of this dream.”

Generally, what does the Queen of Diamonds represent? And what does this specifically mean for me? I feel something positive is coming into my life. Can you tell me what my guides were referring to? They never seem to elaborate. Also, I have known of my Guardian Angel, Rose, for some time, but I have no idea who my Spirit Guides currently are. Could you help me? Thank you so much!

Dear Cindy,

The diamonds in playing cards equate to Tarot’s Pentacles or Disks, symbolizing earth and how we experience the physical realm. Money, land, business, work, and how you navigate daily life all fall in the realm of Pentacles.

The Queen of Diamonds or Pentacles has always seemed to me to be the quintessential teacher, consultant, life coach, healer, or psychic. She loves solving problems, and uses her insight, good sense, and kindheartedness to advise, empower, and support whoever she’s involved with. She has incredible organizational abilities, loves having ‘stuff,’ but doesn’t let it rule her life, and sees all her benefits (and she’s usually at least comfortable, financially) as part of the gifts she can share.

Your guides communicated to me primarily through feeling (clairsentience), so I suspect that’s partly how they reach you, besides dreams, probably “elaborating on” things through your intuitions, hunches, feelings, and sudden insights, giving you information from the inside out, rather than using external clues. This kind of knowing is frustrating for some, because we Westerners do like our rational constructs, but it seems that it works very well for you.

The dream, as your guides showed it to me, felt like a business meeting, and the encounter was a preview of what you’ve sensed coming into your life. It felt like you were some kind of a consultant, advisor, or coach, meeting with an important potential client, and it seems you were offering an individual service rather than a business. The man himself was two-layered. He represented the kind of rapport you’ll establish early in your client relationships, but he also represented a romantic interest that could come to you through your services.

Your guides fall into two teams. The first team is very interested in your upcoming business and professional opportunities, and includes a strategist, a writer, and a shaman or magician. The other team includes one family member and two others with whom you’ve had past lives.

The Queen of Diamonds is an aspect of you. All her gifts are yours, and you’re being invited to use them in new, exciting, and expanded ways!

I say go for it!

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